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Genesis 18:1-15; 21:1-5 | December 3, 2017 

The story of God visiting Abraham and Sarah is just one example of God’s faithfulness. It demonstrates that God is not just a promise-making God, but a promise-keeping one as well. This story teaches us that God doesn’t give people what they serve, but rather what he has promised.


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Rooty Hill

What If We Really Believed?

Our new series is titled, “What if we really believed?” It ultimately seeks to look forward to what might be. It aims to make sure our best days as disciples of Christians are before us.

Hope Beyond Darkness

The future was uncertain for God’s people; it was a confusing time for them. At that moment God throws out his chest and reminds us all, loud and clear, that He is God and there is no other; He will accomplish all that He says He will! This is the message from Isaiah 40-66

From Here To Eternity

May-July 2017

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