At MBM, we aspire to be a church OF small groups

not just a church WITH small groups.

Our small groups are all about family doing life together in God’s Word. They’re the first port of pastoral care at MBM. Therefore, being a committed member of a group is the best way to be served and (perhaps more importantly) to serve others as well.

We want you to be in a group that works for you. Our experience is that choosing a group based on which Sunday service you attend is a good place to start. That way, you’re likely to see the same group of people at least twice a week.

For many people at MBM, being a part of a small group is one of the best experiences of being a Christian.

Small groups aren’t meant to be a 2 hour weekly event. Instead, they’re all about being a family who know, speak and live out the transforming news of Jesus round the clock.

We have a group for everyone

EXPLAINING CHRISTIANITY is the perfect place if you want to (re)discover why Jesus is so important.

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FIRM FOUNDATIONS gives you the space to ask your questions, whilst running at a different pace compared to Growth Group. It covers three modules – getting started as a Christian, the story of the Bible and the book of Philippians.


GROWTH GROUPS typically tie in with the Sunday teaching program. With others, you’ll dig deeper, ask questions and apply God’s truth into your life.

Not for the faint hearted, LEADERSHIP GROUPS are all about raising a new generation of leaders across the board at MBM. These groups are led by staff, last for 12 months, cover separate content and involve preparation each week.

We have groups meeting on every weeknight, all across Western Sydney

More Information

To sign up for a Small Group or to find one in your area please contact Rob Abboud