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I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life

John 14:1-14 | February 23, 2020 

Jesus has announced that he is leaving and the disciples can’t come, at least not for now. They must trust him that he alone is the way to the Father.


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Rooty Hill

Seeing Jesus' Glory

John 12-21 is often referred to as the book of glory. The hour has come for Jesus to be lifted up where both the Father and the Son will be glorified. In light of the cross, Jesus prepares his disciples for his return to the Father.

Grounded In Christ

Is Christ enough? False teaching came to the Christians in Colossae claiming that Christ is not enough. This letter by Paul seeks to extol who Christ is in all his glory. At its heart the apostle seeks to point out that how you start the Christian life with Christ as Lord is how you continue it.