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Entering The Godhead

John 5:16-30 | February 10, 2019 

In this passage we take the periscope into the Triune God. We see how the Son and the Father are both one and equal. However we also see how the Son's love for the Father is captured in submissive obedience. Equally, the Father's love for the Son is expressed by entrusting Jesus with the power to give life and to judge.


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Rooty Hill

Making The Father Known

We resume John's gospel in Chapter 5-12. Jesus progressively reveals his Sonship and his relationship with the Father. The more Jesus reveals the Father, the greater the hostility. In spite of the seven miraculous signs culminating in Lazarus' resurrection the Jewish leaders seek to kill Jesus. Nevertheless it does not stop the world wanting to meet Jesus.

Half Truths

Tim Keller once said that for the last 30 years western culture has taught ideas that are so accepted they are beyond dispute. This series explores these half truths plus one. They include: 1. Happiness is the most important thing in the world. 2. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. 3. You must be true yourself 4. Don’t judge others

James – Real Life Real Faith

James is an uncompromising book that challenges each believer with the truth that faith without works is dead. The call is to live a life worthy of the gospel. With 60 plus commands we are directed to examine our love for God and engage in real life and real faith.

grace alone

Galatians is a war cry to guard and proclaim the one true gospel of grace. There is no other life line thrown out to humanity who need saving.

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