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Faith Without Works is Dead

James 2:14-26 | November 11, 2018 

Faith without works is not unhealthy, or dangerous, it's dead. While faith alone saves the faith that saves is never alone.
Our good works are never the grounds of salvation but they are the fruit and the evidence that we have a living faith.


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Rooty Hill

James – Real Life Real Faith

James is an uncompromising book that challenges each believer with the truth that faith without works is dead. The call is to live a life worthy of the gospel. With 60 plus commands we are directed to examine our love for God and engage in real life and real faith.

grace alone

Galatians is a war cry to guard and proclaim the one true gospel of grace. There is no other life line thrown out to humanity who need saving.

The God Who Became Man

What is said of the Bible is especially true for John's Gospel. It’s shallow enough for a child not to drown, but deep enough for an elephant to swim. It's simple yet profound as it introduces us to Jesus who is the Messiah, the Son of God and by believing have life.

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