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We are not your typical church. We are certainly not your typical Anglican church.

We don’t just have one type of person. Men and women from over 70 different cultures attend our services. We are a church is made up of people descended from all over–from the Pacific Islands, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Subcontinent, the Americas and we are proud to have Indigenous Australian brothers and sisters as well.

Hope to see you in church soon!
What we believe
2022 Annual report

Our Ministry Team

Malcolm Gill

Mal is Lead Pastor at Multicultural Bible Ministry. He is married to Tamara and they have three teenage children: Annabel, Adam and Zara. As the son of a policeman, Mal grew up in living in Lithgow, Lake Macquarie and New Zealand

Mal has served in a number of different Churches in Australia as well as overseas. He also taught preaching at Sydney Missionary and Bible College for 12 years.

Mal enjoys spending time with people from other cultures, particularly if food is involved.

Deacon Board

Ed Johnson

Warden - Treasurer

Jono Anderson


Steve Pieri


Pat Jackson


Alyssa Ward


Rooty Hill

Mal Gill

Lead Pastor + Campus Pastor

Mark Boyley

Membership Pastor

Rob Abboud

Blacktown Campus Pastor (Launching Mid 2024)

Dan Tooma

Maturity Pastor

Steve Gibb

Mission Pastor

Pre Shunmugam

Ministry + Youth Pastor

Josie Seto

Assistant Youth Minister

Nate Singh

Magnification Minister

Kim Morris

Women's Pastoral Minister

Ben Purdy

Children's Pastor

Ethan Viglione

Production Director

Anok Doong

Ministry Apprentice

Carlos Dyonisio

Ministry Apprentice


Dan Lee

Parramatta Campus Pastor

Maggie Ha

Children's Minister

Amber Edmonds

Women's Minister

Village Church

Edwin Thambyaiyah

Village Campus Pastor

Central Support Team

Terry Benitez

Executive Director

Leanne Shepherd

Office Administrator

Maria Custodio

Director of Support to Ministry

Andy Kerr

Communications Director

Amy Song

Kids Resource Creation

Mel Potter

Kids Administrator

Susie Allen

Youth Administrator

Founding Pastor / Ray Galea

Ray Galea, along with his wife Sandy, began the Multicultural Bible Ministry in 1991. Ray transitioned to become the Lead Pastor of Fellowship Dubai in May 2022.

We are committed to being a Safe Community

We believe that all people are to be respected and valued as they are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). MBM is committed to the safety, protection and wellbeing of all children and vulnerable people and actively seeks to prevent all form of abuse. We make every effort to provide an environment of safety and support for all.

Our Safe Ministry Policy has been developed to help us live out our Biblical mandate and our legal responsibilities under Australian legislation. This encompasses training and education of staff, volunteers, church members on dealing with all forms of abuse, and risk minimisation strategies to prevent abuse from occurring within the ministries of the church.

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