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Eulogy for Evelyn Lee

Sep 4, 2018

We don’t want to be here today. And yet, we knew this day was coming. 2 weeks ago Evie came into this church for the very first time. It was for her dedication and many of you joined us on that happy occasion. Little did we know it would also be her last time at...

Gay son asks Christian mum to vote ‘yes’

Oct 5, 2017

Someone I’ve known for a long time who is a Christian was asked by her son who is gay if she would vote, ‘yes’ in the plebiscite. Here is how the conversation went. Her son is happy for the story to be told: God has blessed me with wonderful...

Reflections on Psalm 139

Aug 3, 2017

Why do people feel the need to go to counsellors and therapists? I used to be one, so people often ask me this. At one level, it’s because people are in need of advice and insight—their marriage is struggling, they are deeply depressed, they don’t know how to...

Puritan Prayer

Dec 18, 2015

Dear Friends, Here is a prayer from the puritans that has warmed the hearts of many Christians: O my Savior, help me. I am slow to learn, so prone to forget, so weak to climb; I am in the foothills when I should be on the heights; I am pained by my graceless heart, my...

A Story of a Prodigal Son

Oct 8, 2015

Mike Raiter passed on this story to me a couple of years ago that touches on a key element of the story of the prodigal son. There was a man sitting on the pavement beside the bus stop – he was unshaven his shoes were old and worn his shoulders were slumped 
he looked...

Elijah with the Lord

Apr 24, 2015

You may have heard the very sad news that baby Elijah died on Monday afternoon at the age of only 5 months 11 days. As Jess, his mum, said on Monday, “Elijah had spent more time in her womb than in her hands.” All death is bad but when it reaches the young, whether...