Followers of Jesus have the great privilege, and the great responsibility, of representing the good news of Jesus. In 2 Corinthians 6 Paul lays out how we represent Jesus in a way that doesn’t discredit the good news he came to bring.

What makes an authentic church? Is it the preacher, the music, the spiritual high or something else? Paul explains what an authentic church is, and why it matters!

Paul has clarity on the one thing that matters in life. This one thing will transcend both our current life and the life to come.

In the Bible having a good relationship with God is described in a few ways. God’s people are ‘redeemed’ reflecting the idea of payment. God’s people are ‘justified’ reflecting the idea of justice. In 2 Corinthians 5 Paul is going to emphasize a new idea of ‘reconciliation’ which reflects the idea of restoring a broken relationship. In this passage we have the astonishing good news that we can have a good relationship with God and are called to share this news with others.

Christians worship the God of comfort in the midst of pain and hardships. But the temptation is to serve the idol of comfort and seek to escape suffering. Paul shows us that as our bodies waste away, we can have confidence that our home is in heaven, not on earth; not in a mortal body, but an eternal one.

Resilience is a catch cry in our modern world. Paul is no stranger to tough times and persevering. Here, he outlines 7 ingredients for gospel resilience

Discouragement is a real part of life. While many of us have great days, there are frequently in experience days where we lose hope, we lose heart. The Apostle Paul was deeply familiar with disappointment and had many moments of losing heart. Yet as he writes to the Corinthians he exhorts his readers ‘do not lose heart.’ In this section we explore where we can find encouragement as we follow Jesus, even in difficult times.

Let the surpassing and transforming glory of Christ 1. Enliven you, 2. Embolden you, & 3. Repurpose you!

Moses had a glorious ministry. But in the new covenant there is something even more glorious. In fact it's so glorious that it changes us in four wonderful ways

Christians carry the aroma of Christ everywhere we go. As we share Jesus with the world, some people will love it, some will hate it, but God is pleased to use us regardless of the outcome.

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