Sadly, we have had to pause all of our in-person church services and ministries due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation.


Our Brand New Podcast: Loose Ends, answers questions you had from the sermon, covers aspects that we didn't get to include in the sermon and seeks to tie up any other loose ends.

We live in an increasingly polarised world. Many are gripped by fear, anxiety and outrage. Today, Pastor Rob Abboud opens up 1 Timothy 2 and shows the peace and freedom only possible through Jesus.

What sounds like the worst of news, is actually the best of news. Today, Lead Pastor Ray Galea opens up 1 Timothy 1 and reminds us that if God can patiently forgive the worst of sinners, then he can forgive anyone.

When we silence God, we take away the very thing that those outside the church need. Today, Lead Pastor Ray Galea opens up 1 Timothy 1 and we see just how we silence God. Even when we don’t think we are.

One moment we praise our God and the next we tell our loved ones to shut up! Why? Lead Pastor Ray Galea opens up James 3 as we consider how we use our words.

One of the reasons we find forgiving others difficult is the sense that they have gotten away with hurt and injury. Lead Pastor Ray Galea shows us from Romans 12 and Hebrews 12 that we can forgive because we have a God of justice.

Pastor Rob Abboud reminds us of the importance to pursue peace with one another. For unresolved conflict with each other, means conflict with Jesus himself.

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