What could this horror story possibly teach us?… That manipulating God is both unnecessary and tragic. We’ll need to prayerfully think about how we readily fall in to doing that and why.

God is king. What happens, however, when we remove God from the picture? What happens when we ignore God’s rightful rule and live as though we were in charge? Judges 9 revels the danger and consequences of leaving God out of the picture

Gideon, like all of us, would not, could not and did not, but God would, could and did.

If there was a way to bottle up peace and sell it, it would be the hottest gift this Mother’s Day. In our text today, there has been chaos in Israel for 20 years. Deborah, a mother in Israel, rises up and to bring peace to her people. But there’s a surprise! It’s not Deborah but someone else who brings peace and gets the glory.

Israel have been handed over again for their rebellion, but God rescues them through an unlikely saviour, showing himself to be far superior than the nations they served.

By nature we naturally forget God and drift toward self-confidence, compromise, and idolatry. God, however, pursues his people with his unrelenting love and undeserved grace.

Nothing will give you more reason to rejoice than to know you have been forgiven and are on the right side of God.

In life there can be many things that blindside us. In Psalm 13 the psalmist gives words to the sadness many of us feel when going through difficult. David helps us see how we might process difficulty while trusting God.

Without the resurrection of Jesus there is no good news for the Christian. There is no future, no forgiveness, and no hope beyond the grave. The good news claim of Scripture, however, is that Jesus indeed did rise from the dead three days after his death. This changes everything. There is joyous security in the hope that comes as the result of Jesus’s resurrection for all those who trust in him.

What was it about the death of Jesus that brought two men out of hiding? For some time both Joseph and Nicodemus had been secret disciples of Jesus. They had faith but only enough to follow him from a safe distance. When they saw Jesus die, they were radically changed. They came out of hiding to be all in for Jesus. John tells us what happened to them so we too can believe and live the all in life.

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