Don’t waste your life by being ineffective and bearing no fruit.

How can you be effective and productive? Grow in godly living.

Why can you be effective and productive? Because of the gracious promises of God in Christ.

Matthew isn’t so much concerned with presenting the evidence for the resurrection but instead the implications of Jesus rising back to life. Jesus’ last words provide a clarity, a challenge and a comfort.

We all hate a cover-up But what if Jesus’ resurrection was a scam? Matthew outlines two attempts to cover-up the fact that Jesus really did rise from the grave and shows us what the right response looks like.

Jesus hangs on the cross as humanity mock “save yourself, if you can”. Yet in Jesus, God was saving those very ones who mocked him. Jesus could have saved himself, but didn’t, because we can’t.

Why did Jesus go to the Garden of Gethsemane?? Nate helps us understand how the obedience of Jesus reminds us to pray through all seasons of life and to not give up in the midst of even the most extreme circumstances.

That Christ will return is a certainty, the exact date is a mystery. In the meantime, Jesus wants us to prepared for his imminent return.

Celebrate our gentle King with genuine faith and adoration

In a world that chases after status, greatness, recognition from others for our achievements, Jesus offers a different perspective: you need to descend to greatness. Jesus was the ultimate demonstration of this by descending to death.

There are no more significant questions that we should think about than ‘where we will spend eternity?’ In this account Jesus gives us certainty as to how we can enter into his Kingdom.

Peter, James and John experienced a once in a lifetime event that they would remember for the rest of their lives. However, as memorable as it would have been, there is one key life lesson that applies to all of us

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