Paul has clarity on the one thing that matters in life. This one thing will transcend both our current life and the life to come.

This is the final talk in a series give by Peter at Big Day In 2023.

Peter takes us to the heart of what church is, who it is and what it's purpose is. In doing so, we come away with a breathtaking picture of just how precious the church is in God's eyes.

Recording of the Q&A session held with Peter Jensen at Big Day In 2023

This is the first talk in a series of 3 that Peter gave at Big Day In 2023

In this talk, Peter unpacks the nature of how sinners like us can be saved. Along the way he introduces key figures who defended the truth of salvation being by grace alone, through faith alone in Jesus alone.

This is talk 2 of 3 given by Peter at Big Day In, 2023.

In this talk, Peter addresses the following questions.

Who is the Holy Spirit and what is his role? Is there a different type of Christian who has a fuller experience of the Spirit? Peter describes why he is a Holy Spirit believer.

Resilience is a catch cry in our modern world. Paul is no stranger to tough times and persevering. Here, he outlines 7 ingredients for gospel resilience

Moses had a glorious ministry. But in the new covenant there is something even more glorious. In fact it's so glorious that it changes us in four wonderful ways

In a world of sickness and suffering does anybody care about us? In Matthew 8:1—16 we see Jesus encounter 3 of the most forgotten people in Israel. As he meets them in their needs we see that he has healed us from our greatest problem of sin in his death and resurrection.

How do we endure the pressures of life? Financial strife, relationship breakdown, mental health struggles? When it feels like we’re drowning, we can’t help but ask “how does God protect me from this?” Psalm 91 casts a picture of God as the ultimate protector. Nothing can touch the one he has rescued. But how do we line this picture up with our experience?

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