In a world of sickness and suffering does anybody care about us? In Matthew 8:1—16 we see Jesus encounter 3 of the most forgotten people in Israel. As he meets them in their needs we see that he has healed us from our greatest problem of sin in his death and resurrection.

One of the most needed things to get through life is money. Without money we don’t eat or drink. We need money to live and survive in our world. But what does it look like to use money wisely? Is money a good or bad thing? How should we think Christianly about wealth? In Proverbs God offers us wisdom on how to navigate the practicality of using our finances in a way that is healthy and wise.

Jesus calls all who would follow him to consider all other agendas forsaken, for the sake of his.

In life we often seek to measure up to other people’s standards. But what does it mean and look like to measure up to God’s standards? In Matthew 15 we discover that the answer is not found in human traditions, but in a heart transformation.

People often think of Jesus as powerful, but a bit distant. Strong, but not really personal. In Matthew 14 Jesus reminds us of the compassionate heart of God.

What a day! Jesus’ grief over sin and evil leads him to reveal more of His divine power to save. At the end of this day you’ll want to love, trust and worship Jesus all the more.

The teachings of Jesus challenge us to think about how we view him. For those who are his followers his teachings provide comfort and encouragement, but to those who reject his teachings Jesus provides a warning.

We have a deep longing for justice. Has your desire for justice ever made you ask hard questions of God? In this sermon, Jesus answers the people asking questions about God’s plan for justice and he confronts those who falsely accuse him. In God’s plan, he never brings justice without first offering mercy.

You who are weary and burdened, find rest for your soul in our fearsome yet wonderful God.

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