Jesus teaches us to pray "Our Father in Heaven". Followers of Jesus, like Jesus himself, pray to the Father knowing that he's close, he cares and he's in control. God the Father is relational, he cares about individuals, and he's also in Heaven, he's in control of everything. He loves it when we pray to Him as His children.

To learn to pray, we must understand Jesus, the Son of God's prayer life. He demonstrates utter dependence and desire to be with His Father in heaven. For those who trust in His name, he offers full and free access to God.

Jesus says we all have a choice to make, because we can't serve God and money at the same time. So how should we choose? Jesus tells us and shows us what it's like to live under a different kind of king.

We are driven by many reasons to do the things that we do, including how and why we live the Christian life. Today, Pastor Pre Shunmugam takes us to Jesus' words which get us to the heart of the matter.

Jesus wants us to see that His Father is good! He uses his sun and rain to create a safe space where all people can see his goodness. And this is how he wants us to treat others.

Jesus teaches all who would come to Him what life in God’s kingdom will be like. He flips their world upside down and challenges our view of what being blessed truly is.

Jesus shunned the devil’s shortcut to splendour, and chose the slow task of building God’s Kingdom person by person by way of the cross.

How is Jesus able to relate to us and help us when we are tempted? Today, Pastor Ray Galea shows us from Matthew 4.

What's the difference between repentance and remorse? Is there a difference? Today, Pastor Ray Galea explains the difference and the results of both.

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