Sadly, we have had to pause all of our in-person church services and ministries due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation.


One moment we praise our God and the next we tell our loved ones to shut up! Why? Lead Pastor Ray Galea opens up James 3 as we consider how we use our words.

Bible Text: James 5:13–20 | Preacher: Grant Borg | As James wraps up his letter, he ends by equipping the church with everything they need to persevere through the trials he promised would come. Far from fighting this fight alone, our gracious God has given us weapons that can overcome every trial, every time.

Bible Text: James 5:7-20 | Preacher: Mark Boyley | Series: James – Real Life Real Faith | What does James 5 promise about healing from sickness? How is sin related to sickness? What resources does God give us for life in these 'last days' where we experience sickness and trouble?

Bible Text: James 5:7-12 | Preacher: Grant Borg

Bible Text: James 5:1-6 | Preacher: Grant Borg | James hits us hard with this warning about money because we find ourselves in one of the wealthiest countries that have ever existed. Money has always been a useful tool for the Devil to tempt people away from Jesus, but it’s also an opportunity to demonstrate where our loyalties lie.

Bible Text: James 4:13 - 5:6 | Preacher: Dan Lee | Series: James – Real Life Real Faith | James continues his no-nonsense approach to the difference Jesus makes in the life of a believer. This time he specifically addresses those who make plans and use their wealth without God in the picture.

Bible Text: James 4:1-12 | Preacher: Dan Lee

Bible Text: James 4:1-12 | Preacher: Ray Galea | Series: James – Real Life Real Faith | One of the most important questions in life is "What causes fights and quarrels?" James gives a series of surprising answers that may shock the reader. We not only find that the problem begins within there is grace awaiting each of us. Come near to God and he will come near to you.

Bible Text: James 3:1-18 | Preacher: Steve Wakeford | Series: James – Real Life Real Faith | James 3 - ‘that thing none of us gets right consistently.’

Bible Text: James 3:1-18 | Preacher: Ray Galea | Series: James – Real Life Real Faith | Though our tongue is so small its impact can shape our eternal destiny.
Words matter and while we may never fully tame the tongue it is expected that we speak words that give life.

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