The Bible describes the time we’re living in as the last days. Part of that means Jesus has poured out his Spirit so that we would be empowered be his witnesses to the end of the earth. But not only that, we have God’s Spirit so that we can be optimistic in our fight against sin.

As the Scriptures unfold the picture of God’s plans become clearer. With the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, Christians now have a message to proclaim. It is not a message of self-help, its a message of God’s wonderful offer of forgiveness which now comes through Jesus.

Acts 20:24 gives us the greatest resolution for 2024 - and it is an old resolution…

Today Pastor Ray Galea completes our series in the book of Acts. However, we begin with a breathtaking vision of the holiness of God from Isaiah.

What good can come from difficult times in our lives? Today Pastor Ray Galea shows us in Acts 28 how the transforming work of Jesus happens despite our plans and the storms we face.

The message of Jesus is both weird and welcoming. Today Pastor Dan Lee takes us to Acts 25-26 where Paul is further questioned and we learn why the gospel is both weird and welcoming.

There is one thing that makes us invincible until the day our work for God is finished. Today, Pastor Steve Gibb takes us to Acts 23 and 24 and we see that our mission can not fail because Jesus is alive and walking with us each step of the way.

As part of his defence to the elders of Ephesus, Paul looks back to his ministry, looks forward to his suffering, and then looks them in the eye and warns them of the coming false teaching.

In Acts 19 God confirms the validity and power of His word as lives are continually transformed. The word keeps going out and the world around experiences the difference Jesus makes.

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