$1,131,000 pledged towards our budget of $1.5M


People said 'yes' to Jesus!

(18 - Rooty Hill; 1 - Parramatta; 1 - Village)



111 people attended Explaining Christianity

March 2021 - Explaining Christianity
 “My family and I were welcomed with open arms to Explaining Christianity. Before attending, I would have said I was going to heaven based on what I’ve done, but through Explaining Christianity and Firm Foundations, I now know that I’ll get in because of what Jesus has done for me through his death. My partner recently commented to my leader the difference in me since meeting Jesus!" ~Jon

We welcomed 1171 new faces on Sundays


June 2021 - Belonging
"Joining MBM was an overwhelming experience initially, especially coming from a small church, it was hard to see how you could get to know anyone or feel at home. But I was very grateful for how welcoming people were, and how quickly it went from a big, intimidating crowd to a group of Christian brothers and sisters. Now I’m in a growth group and incredibly thankful for the encouragement of regular fellowship in Christ."
~Matthew (5pm)

Your pledges in 2021 made it possible to...

Appoint Ben Purdy as Children's Minister
Appoint Pre Shunmugan as Magnification Pastor
Send Chris and Kristy Galea to Malta
Train and finance the replanting of the African Congregation: 'Evangelical Praise Fellowship' 
Pivot (again) to Online Ministry: MBM Online, Kids, Youth, Prayer, Explaining Christianity, Belonging, Growth Groups and more. 
Host Cornhill Western Sydney (training people to preach and teach the Bible)
Build the music and video studio
Begin a new podcast: 'Loose Ends'

18,000+ Hours of MBM Videos watched on Youtube

10,000+ Bible Talks Downloaded

One-off Gifts

I want to thank God for 2021 by giving to:

Ministry Apprentices

We are committed to training the next generation of gospel “harvesters”. To that end, we want to help fund ministry apprenticeships for those who are considering whether they are suitable for their future in gospel ministry.

Many of our current staff and Overseas Ministry Partners began their ministry journey through these apprenticeships. They will be involved in a wide range of ministries, such as: Scripture in 4 local schools, Youth, Kids Church, evangelism and team leading, under the guidance and support of the MBM staff.

Your gift will enable continued support for Josiah Seto, Sam Wilson and Kwabena Nsiah as our Ministry Apprentices for 2022 as well as to train more.

Afghan Refugees

Many Afghan Christian families are fleeing persecution by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Anglican Aid have secured places in Brazil’s refugee intake for them. They will be cared for by Anglican Aid’s partner in Brazil along with the local Anglican Diocese there.

Your gift will provide families with basic accommodation and daily necessities like food and clothing, as well as Christian trauma counselling, local language classes, schooling for children, short vocational education courses for the adults and ongoing pastoral care through the local church.

Next MBM Campus

We are committed to sharing the news of salvation through our Lord and Saviour in Western Sydney and beyond. 

By God’s grace we plan to plant 5 offsite congregations by 2025. It has been our privilege and joy to launch MBM South West in 2017, The Village church in 2020 and MBM Parramatta this year.

Your gift will help fund our next MBM Campus as we long to see people transformed through Jesus for God’s Glory.

Under God

Your pledges will enable us to do these in 2022

Appoint a part-time Mission Pastor
Appoint a part-time Magnification Pastor
Rebuild church-life after COVID
Ignite our prayer life through a prayer preaching series
Make improvements to the outdoor playground at MBM Rooty Hill
Onboard our new Deacon at Parramatta—Rahul Dougall

Your pledges funded...

Christian Growth and Care

Practical help was given to 74 families
Flowers, food vouchers, hampers, pay rent/bills, meals, funeral costs, Money for the Sudanese congregation members with Covid at Oakhurst Anglican, subsidised counselling, prayer
100s of phone calls were made by our team of 29 pastoral callers


I have really benefited from Kim’s ministry and counselling in my life. She’s walked with me through tragedy and triumph with kindness and compassion. She’s given me the space to figure things out and has spoken truth and clarity when it’s been hard to find. Her professional expertise, life experience, genuine care and affection and her love for the Lord Jesus have helped me beyond words. I thank God for her and her work.


‘I have been helped by MBM LifeSkills counselling service in both my marriage and my personal life over the past 5 years. Receiving counselling by a Christian counsellor has helped me to work through the things life has thrown at me with a beautiful reminder of our God who cares and never leaves me. The counsellor took away any shame I felt which helped me to be able to admit to others that I was seeing a counsellor and that openness has helped me to refer others.

Peacewise Series

The Peacewise series was about how we do relationships under God as forgiven sinners who seek to extend that forgiveness to others. We reflected on how God treats us with great mercy in Jesus and thought through how to apply that in the complex web of life; at home, work, sport, church etc. This has had a culture shifting affect on our community as we've seen people deeply working through wounds and being willing to apologise and to raise hurts with others even from years ago. We pray God continues to unite us in His love for the world to experience His peace.


After beginning the Peacewise material, I realised I had an issue with someone I had a run in with over a year ago. I realised there was a tension between us that I had been running from and which had caused me to think negatively about the person and even treat them differently. I had to face it, and it was very difficult and scary! With some help from others, and a few tears and prayers, I engaged the conversation. It was hard, but so relieving and rewarding to work through our issues. I learned things about my own heart that needed to change and we were both able to confess and apologise for things we’d done to hurt the other. I’m so thankful to God that he’s still committed to my growth in Jesus, even in my senior years.

Under God

We look towards 2022

New Gospel work beginning

African Congregation 'Evangelical Praise Fellowship' established within Mt. Druitt Anglican
Netani + Mele begin work with Indigeous Australians

Your pledges funded...

Online Ministry

Caitlin (Year 6)

MBM Youth Online really helped me to see what is really important in life—what God does is really the best for us! Lockdown has helped me read the Bible more which is so good!


MBM KIds Online has been so helpful in this lockdown period, our kids have been very engaged in the games, stories and craft and would walk around singing the memory verses through the week. We are very thankful for the amazing team and all their efforts in helping us to guide the kids in growing in faith.

From China

When everything went online last year we decided to search around for something a to feed our souls. How unexpected that Covid has opened up this opportunity for us to visit any church in the world!! We particularly appreciate how you are able fit some music, a kids' talk AND a sermon in such a short and engaging package. More importantly it's hitting the heart. What a blessing. Thank you!

While visiting an MBM family, the parents commented that they’d been reading the Bible with their children regularly. When asked what's helped them be regular, they said, 'The MBM Bible reading plans.’ What a privilege it is to be in partnership with parents as we all seek to disciple kids for their good and for God's glory.

Lawrence L.

When lockdown got announced I was adamant I wasn't going to tune in. But thanks to the persistence of church family who kept in touch and gave me phone calls, I realised that the only person who wins by me not connecting with my church family is Satan. Since then, I've really found a home and joined an online Growth Group. I'm so thankful that everything has worked out so well for me at MBM. 

June C.

Thank you so much for continuing the services online for people such as myself who can’t get to church. It’s so good to still be in touch. 

Reuben (Year 10)

My friends and I started an online group to connect over our faith and Jesus. It's helped us stay connected and also have opportunities to invite our friends into the group to discuss God's word. A few weeks ago we spent almost an hour discussing ONE verse!

MBM Women's Conference Online

September 2021 - Women's Conference
200+ women attended
Women from all ages represented
Women donated tickets so that others could attend

Conference Participant

"I was encouraged to remember that these times of trial are light and momentary as compared with the wonderful future that is ours in the glorious Lord Jesus!"

Your pledges funded the...

MBM Staff, our overseas ministry partners and trained people for ministry

Since 1991...

We have trained 103 student ministers studying at Bible College
We have trained over 30 Ministry Apprentices each for 2 years.
11 Overseas Ministry Partners have been sent
5 churches have been planted and 3 have been sponsored

Your pledges funded...


Western Sydney

Launched Feb. 2021

This year we have had the privilege of hosting Cornhill Sydney - a 1 day a week training course designed to dig deep into the Bible for the purpose of teaching it to others. We have had 11 of our own join in with others around Western Sydney to fall in love with God through his Word even more.

Jethro D.

Cornhill has really helped in my understanding of the whole Bible and how it fits together. It has given me a great framework for how to write and deliver talks! We've had lots of opportunities to prepare and give talks from different parts of the Bible, and we always get helpful feedback so we can improve and grow. It's such a privilege and responsibility to teach God's word, so learning to do it in an engaging and faithful way is so worth it.

Rita C.

Initially I was nervous about signing up for Cornhill but I haven't regretted it one bit. Cornhill has really helped in my understanding of the whole Bible and how it fits together as well as giving me a great framework for how to write and deliver talks! It's such a privilege and responsibility to teach God's word, so learning to do it in an engaging and faithful way.  I've fallen in love with Jesus more as a result.

Eugenia P.

As a child, I felt like the Bible didn't make sense to me. It was hard to understand. But thanks to Cornhill, I'm feeling ready to take the next step. I'll be starting a Bible Study for the women. Plus, I look forward to establishing the Kid's Ministry for our church - so that the next generation will be fed the truth of God's Word and take God seriously for the rest of their lives.

Your pledges funded the...

Launch of MBM Parramatta

in May 2021

70 adults (along with 24 kids) were sent out to take the life-changing news about Jesus to a strategic and vibrant part of Sydney. We're an ethnically diverse group of people from different stages in life. 


Prior to lockdown, there was 84 adults and 18 kids attending.
18 adults new to serving

Mabel P.

I invited my neighbour to attend the Zoom Bake Sesh during lockdown. She was super thankful for the invite and felt super welcomed. I shared with her about church and I told her that she should come along when restrictions ease so that she can meet these nice people in person and she was keen. Because of her enthusiasm, I took the leap of faith and asked her if she wanted to join us on Sunday Zoom Church and she said 'yes'!

Renny and Jane

After not being at church for a number of years, we heard about MBM Parramatta launching through some friends at our kids school. After our first visit, our daughters said "Can we come next week?" Normally we would leave straight away after the service but we've found a really warm community at Parramatta. As a family, we're talking about God more at home and we're loving the online services as a way to stay connected.

Lynda B.

Having been at Rooty Hill for a while, I felt convicted that if I want to take Jesus seriously I need to commit to loving his church. The opportunity to move to Parramatta gave me the opportunity to take those steps. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide any longer. I've since joined the New Family Check-in Team and have absolutely loved being able to bless others.

The week before MBM  Parramatta  launched online!
February 12, 2017 - MBM South West's first public gathering in Smithfield Public School

Your pledges funded the...

Planting of MBM South West

Five years of Gospel faithfulness and fruitfulness


Grown from 70 to 200+ Adults
40 have said 'yes' to Jesus
50 were baptised

Will you partner with us in 2022?

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$1,131,000 pledged towards our budget of $1.5M

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