Bible Talks from Psalms

Tuning into His Majesty’s Voice!

Preached on June 16, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 19:1-14

Psalm 19 tells us that God has revealed his glory to the world via the book of creation. He has also revealed his will to his people via the book of Scripture.
As we mediate on both we will please the Lord, our rock and our redeemer.

Teach Us To Number Our Days (Death)

Preached on June 9, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 90:1-17

There’s nothing more real than death. Thankfully the Bible gives us real answers to real questions from a real God as we live real lives. In Psalm 90, Moses makes three things abundantly clear: that humans are mortal compared to the eternal God; that towards sinful humans God is angry; and for insecure humans, God offers security.

Desperate For A Clean Slate (Doctrine of Sin and Grace)

Preached on June 2, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 51:1-19

David’s cry for mercy follows his awareness of his Sin toward Bathsheba and Uriah.
His hope is based on the fact that God will not despise a broken and contrite heart.

Desperate for a Clean Slate

Preached on June 2, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 51

The sad truth about leaders is that they sometimes fall – and fall hard. This is David’s story. In this Psalm we see why we can speak of David as a child of God, a brother in Christ, and a man who made it to the Kingdom of God. His life wasn’t perfect, but it’s what he did with his sin that made all the difference.

Famous Last Words (Doctrine of Christ)

Preached on May 26, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 22:1-31

Jesus was forsaken so that we don’t have to be. Psalm 22 truly functions as the 5th gospel.