Bible Talks from Matthew

Is There Any Sin That God Can’t Forgive? [AM]

Preached on January 26, 2020
Bible Text: Matthew 18:21-35

God not only provides forgiveness for all who come to Christ but he also expects that those who are forgiven will forgive others.

God With Us

Preached on December 22, 2019
Bible Text: Matthew 1:18–23

When the story of Christmas is all dolled up it seems to lose its power because the the true beauty of the moment is lost behind the clean-cut re-enactment we’re all used to. However, when we see the moment for what it was and take the time to see what God was doing behind the scenes, hope and glory emerges out of chaos and we find a joy and peace for all the people, for on that day a Saviour was born, who is Jesus Christ, our Lord

The Lord Of Rest

Preached on July 7, 2019
Bible Text: Matthew 12:1-14

How are you? I’m busy! How often do we hear this? Busy working, running around, partying, chasing dreams… to what end? Will we ever get to rest? This is what we look at this Sunday as we walk through the grain fields following our Lord Jesus.

Do Not Judge

Preached on January 27, 2019
Bible Text: Matthew 7:1-6

The most well know Bible verse for non-Christians is, “Do not judge” (Matthew 7:1). It’s meaning seems clear and it is from Jesus himself. But the situation is not as simple as it first seems. The Bible also says in 1 Corinthians 6:3, “Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!” So can we—should we—judge others?

Happiness Is The Most Important Thing

Preached on January 6, 2019
Bible Text: Matthew 5:1-12

Happiness is now the criteria by which our culture determines what is right or wrong. One error is to turn happiness into an idol but the other error is ignore the important place of happiness for God’s people.

Jesus’ Pedigree

Preached on December 23, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 1:1-16

Tried and Tested

Preached on December 16, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 4:1-11

Before Jesus even begins his ministry and mission on earth, he is confronted by the Devil in the wilderness. This confrontation will either make or break Jesus. His battle with the devil proves him to be the perfect son whom we can trust and depend on.

MBM Domestic Family Violence Policy

Preached on August 19, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 20:20-28

God wants his church to be a safe place for all who come. This talk explores how we must protect all victims of Domestic family violence.

Jesus the Great Divider

Preached on January 14, 2018
Bible Text: Matthew 10:24-36

Jesus preached a message of peace and reconciliation, and yet he divided the world. In fact, here Jesus says that he even came to divide members from within the same house! As Jesus warns his people about the cost of following him, he gives them an insight into life that will put it all into perspective

The Clash Of Two Kings

Preached on December 25, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-16

Herod was an illegitimate king in a doomed power struggle with a baby born in Bethlehem.
Jesus was the true King of the Jews and the Magi proved to be the wise ones by worshipping the King of Kings.

Eternity Is Written In The Stars (11pm)

Preached on December 24, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-10

Life...random, accidental, and fluke? Or intentional, purposeful, and fingerprints?

The First Christmas Eve

Preached on December 24, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 1:18–25

In the lead up to the first Christmas God continued to do extraordinary things in the lives of ordinary people. In this Christmas Eve sermon, we take a closer look at the young Mary and Joseph as they serve as helpful models for us to follow by the way they trusted in the promises of God to promote the name of Jesus.

Forgiveness: The Art of Conquering Revenge

Preached on December 17, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 18:21-35

We each have pain caused by the sin of another. Jesus in this parable speaks to the 2 reasons why we need to forgive.

How Do I Cope With My Guilt?

Preached on July 16, 2017
Bible Text: Matthew 27:1-26

God Is Our Father

Preached on January 9, 2016
Bible Text: Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus knows that we worry. That’s why he tackles it head on in the middle of his most famous sermon - the Sermon of the Mount. Jesus offers a better way to live so that children of the Heavenly Father would not worry, but instead seek first God’s kingdom.

The Birth That Begs A Response

Preached on December 23, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-11

Steve talks about three responses to Jesus in the wise men story that you missed.

In The Fullness Of Time: God Up Close And Personal

Preached on August 15, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 1:18-25

In the fullness of time God became flesh and permanently side with us humans. The Christ we are united to is not only truly God but he is also truly human.
He is our sympathetic high priest who gets us.

Christ Without a Cross (Evening)

Preached on January 10, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 16:13-28

Peter goes from confessing Christ to being confused about Christ and what he must do - suffer and be killed. Just as being the Christ was costly, so too is the path of those who want to follow this Christ.

The Mess of the First Christmas

Preached on December 23, 2013
Bible Text: Matthew 1:18-25

The first Christmas was unlike the photoshopped, airbrushed versions of Christmas we see on cards & nativity scenes. In fact the first Christmas was a mess! God was at work in the mess of the first Christmas to fix the mess we’d made in the world.

Christ For All Cultures

Preached on October 26, 2013
Bible Text: Matthew 28:16-20

From the beginning the good news of Jesus was an international gospel.  All authority is given to Jesus who commands All disciples to make disciples of All nations with the promise that he will be with us Always.