Bible Talks from Mark

You Must Be True To Yourself

Preached on January 20, 2019
Bible Text: Mark 8:27-38

Third mantra of the model world: Be True To Yourself. In what sense is it true and in what sense is it false?

Christmas Eve 2018 (11pm)

Preached on December 24, 2018
Bible Text: Mark 2:13-17

Nothing He Can’t Forgive

Preached on December 16, 2018
Bible Text: Mark 2:1-12

Jesus demonstrates both his authority to forgive and how our greatest need is to be forgiven.

The Most Important Thing (AM)

Preached on March 25, 2018
Bible Text: Mark 12:28-34

Our lives are precious. Jesus tells us here that the most important thing to give our lives to is loving God with all that we have. But there is a more important thing revealed here than simply ticking the box.

What If We Pray Like Jesus In Our Life?

Preached on October 29, 2017
Bible Text: Mark 14:32-42

Jesus' prayer in Gethsemane (Mark 14:36) provides a pattern for all of us to pray.

1. Abba Father.

2 There is nothing our Dad can't do.

3. Father, get me out of here.

4. Father knows best.