Bible Talks from Genesis

Our God Provides

Preached on October 9, 2016
Bible Text: Genesis 22:1-18

Enjoy God’s blessing by putting your faith in the sacrifice He has provided for you.

Science and Christianity (AM)

Preached on December 5, 2015
Bible Text: Genesis 1

The world wants to set Science and Christianity against each other as though they are enemies.
They are really friends with overlapping concerns but have their own unique differences as well.

God’s Promises Fulfilled In Jesus

Preached on May 23, 2015
Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-9

When God first speaks to Abram He promises that He will bless all people on earth through him. We learn throughout the Bible that no matter how far people walk from God, He always keeps His promises: and this promise is fulfilled in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, nearly 2000 years later.

What Noah Could Not Do, Jesus Did.

Preached on April 17, 2014
Bible Text: Genesis 6-9

Why is it that movies never get the bible story right? Perhaps it because what God wants to tell us and what what we humans want to hear are so different. Hence we keep rewriting the script given by God. Where the Noah movie got it right was when Russell Crowe's character announced that he and his family were no different to the rest of humanity. Salvation is by grace and what Noah could not do, God did by sending his Son to save us from the flood of Gods wrath at the cross.

Creating Culture

Preached on October 12, 2013
Bible Text: Genesis 11:1-9

Creation is what God does and Culture is what humans do under God. Cultural diversity is to be celebrated. However, since humans are sinners and humans create culture we ought to expect to sit tight with Gods word and sit loose with culture.