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To see lives transformed through

Jesus Christ to the Glory of God.


We believe Jesus is the most significant person in history and is vital for our lives today and into eternity.

We believe that Jesus is the only hope for the forgiveness of our sins. He came to bring us life to the full. We enjoy this now as a community of people from all nations. We enjoy relationship with God now and beyond death into the future. As you encounter Jesus we believe that your life will never be the same again.

If you would like to investigate the claim that Jesus is Lord then we would love you to attend a 4 week course called ‘Explaining Christianity’. Everyone is welcome, no matter what age, or background or religion.

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Our Vision


To see lives transformed through Jesus to the glory of God.

Ray Galea

Lead Pastor

RAY GALEA is the Lead Pastor at MBM Rooty Hill. He came to Christ in 1980 and along with his wife Sandy began MBM in 1991 in their home in Blacktown. Ray grew up in a loving Maltese family in Rooty Hill. He loves Jesus, he loves his family, he loves MBM and he loves the diversity of cultures which makes up both Sydney’s west and our church. Music, Movies and League are his hobbies.

Bible Talks


We long for people to love God’s Word: to study it, meditate on it, memorise it and most critically, to trust and obey it.


Latest Talk

Luke 14: 15-24 | March 22, 2015 

Come To The Banquet

Recommended Talk #1

Philippians 4 | November 16, 2014 

Joyfully Celebrating The Vision

Recommended Talk #2

Philippians 2:1-11 | October 26, 2014 

United With Christ Living Out The Vision

Our Ministries

It is our goal to provide ministries where every person, in every age and stage of life, experiences church family life.

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Our weekly one minute (or there abouts) church news update.

Next Steps

To help you connect with Jesus and our church.

Our Stories

Stories of God transforming work in people’s lives.

MBM Blog

Personal stories, thoughts and articles about what Jesus is doing in our world and in our church.

Reflecting on Same Sex Issues

There are probably very few at MBM who don’t know or have a gay person either in their extended family or among their friendships. We certainly do have a number at MBM who love Jesus and battle with unwanted same sex desires. Someone suggested that I share how I... read more


1.    Choose your sermon topic or passage. On Sunday week we have a window where you can nominate what you want me to preach on. The most popular topic or passage will be chosen for the sermon. Let us know via MBM facebook, email or bring a note with a title and drop... read more

An Excuse to Forgive

It was a packed weekend with 2 conferences and MBM’s 24th Anniversary plus 3 meals on Sunday. Many highlights include the 22 men who took up mentoring. One brother shared with me how, “Jesus is looking for an excuse to forgive us.” I love the phrase because it’s the... read more