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Group Management

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Group Management

Leaders lead!

  • Leaders are not there to be liked by the children nor to be their friend.
  • Leaders are to lead calmly.
  • Leaders should not physically discipline any child (no corporal punishment).
  • Leaders must not show favouritism.

Prevention Is Better 

  • Ensure instructions are clear and age appropriate.
  • Ensure expectations are clear and age appropriate.
  • Ensure lessons are organised, engaging and age appropriate.

The Big Picture

  • Any words spoken to a child should be clear and calm, avoid shouting or raised pitch.
  • Keep it simple - one rule: respect (respect God, respect people, respect property).
  • Never send a child to sit with parents in church as a ‘punishment’. 
  • Kids Ministry Director is the person who talks to parents about a child’s behaviour.

Best Practice 

  • Redirect a child’s attention when upset or frustrated (esp. younger child).
  • Offer a choice (join in game or sit and watch game).
  • Warn once, if behaviour persists act:
    • Option #1 remove the equipment from the child
    • Option #2 remove the child from the activity (e.g. sit out for three minutes)
    • Option #3 remove the privilege of a future activity (miss out next game, be last to)
  • If tantrums occur, move furniture/equipment/other children to avoid harm to the child and/or others. Don’t talk to the child during the tantrum. Keep an eye on them (for safety reasons). Ignore behaviour until tantrum subsides.
  • Consistent appropriate consequence (for school age):
    • Minor behaviour = minor consequence
    • Example:
      • Behaviour: whispering to child beside them
      • Action: Leader stops and looks at child, when behaviour stops, continue.
    • Medium behaviour = medium consequence
    • Example:
      • Behaviour: constantly calling out or disrupting activity in small group
      • Action: sit child outside group, invite to rejoin after 3-5 minutes, if persists, send to another group for 3-5 mins. encourage apologise before returning
    • Major behaviour = major consequence
    • Example:
      • Behaviour: violently attack another child or adult
      • Action: removed from the group immediately, call Kids Ministry Director to contact parents, ask parents to take child home 
  • Always remember, Team Leaders and Kids Ministry Director are there to support.
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