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Group Management

Leaders lead! Leaders are not there to be liked by the children nor to be their friend. Leaders need to be firm and clear in their expectations. Leaders should not physically discipline any child (no corporal punishment). Establish one rule: respect (respect leaders, respect other children, respect property).

Leaders must not show favouritism

Tips For Under 5s

  • Keep your instructions/expectations clear/simple. For example "Don’t grab toys… they’re for everyone"
  • When child feels upset or frustrated redirect their attention. For example: read a book with them, hand them another toy, complete a puzzle with them etc.
  • Preschool age group: warn once, if behaviour persists act:
    • remove the equipment from the child
    • remove the child from the activity (e.g. take the child to an area of the room not being used and tell them to remain there no more than three minutes)
    • remove the privilege of a future activity (sit out of next game, miss out on craft…)
  • If tantrums occur, move furniture/equipment away from the child so they don’t hurt themselves and move other children away from the child. Don’t talk to the child, simply keep an eye on them (for safety reasons) but ignore behaviour until tantrum subsides.

Tips For School Aged

  • Keep your instructions/expectations clear/simple (Don’t push in line or you’ll miss out).
  • Warn once, if behaviour persists act:
    • Remove the equipment from the child (e.g. confiscate toy…)
    • Remove the child from the activity (e.g. sit out of activity for 5 minutes…)
    • Remove the privilege of a future activity from the child (e.g. miss next game/craft…)
    • Send to sit in another room under supervision of another leader (i.e. Year 4 boy supervised to next room to sit near Kindy leader, remain near that leader for five minutes, supervised back to group, apologises and rejoins group).
  • Never send a child back to their parents. If behaviour persists, call either your Team Leader, Campus Minister or Kids
  • Ministry Director, to deal with child.
  • Give appropriate consequence for varying degrees of misbehaviour (i.e. appropriate action must be taken):
    • Minor behaviour = minor consequence 
Behaviour: whispering to child beside them
Action: Leader stops and looks at child, when behaviour stops, continue with lesson
    • Medium behaviour = medium consequence 
Behaviour: constantly calling out or disrupting activity
Action: told to sit to one side… if persists, told to sit at back of group… if persists, supervised to different group for five minutes… asked to apologise before returning.
    • Major behaviour = major consequence 
Behaviour: violently attack another child or adult
Action: removed from group immediately, Kids Ministry Director or Campus Minister to contact parents, child excluded from program for minimum one session
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