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What Should I Wear?

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What Should I Wear?

To begin, it must be said how encouraging it is that the men and women of MBM consistently dress modestly. However, being a multi-ethnic church poses unique challenges for us. What's modest in one culture is deemed immodest in another. This can be distracting. 

Our commitment to be all things to all people so we're not a stumbling block means we'll dress more conservatively when up the front. It can be read legalistically but it's the law of love that drives us to not cause offense. Our desire is that no one is distracted from hearing about the wonder of Jesus. We're doing what missionaries around the world are doing - forfeiting our freedoms for the sake of others.

Is Your Clothing Is Too Tight? 

Is your clothing tight across the crutch, backside or chest? If your shirt is fitted, balance this by wearing pants that are loose. If your pants are fitted, balance this by wearing a shirt that is long and loose. Balance is key.

Is Your Clothing Is Too Short?

If you reach up with your hands and the top of your leg or stomach is revealed, re-think your choice of clothing.

If you bend over and people can see down the front of your shirt you might like to rethink your choice, or always remember to hold your hand on your shirt to restrict view.

Have You Considered Where People Will See You From?

During the family services, kids and Kids Church Leaders are positioned lower and are looking up, so wearing anything above the knee looks shorter from their perspective.

When singing in church, the congregation is standing so your crutch area is directly in their eye line.

When sitting on stools or chairs, skirts will ride up the leg. Pants are the best option when seated on a stool. 

Are Your Clothes Neat And Presentable? 

Avoid wearing track pants, thongs/flip flops, singlets, ripped or well-worn clothes, thin strapped tops, low cut tops, strapless tops, sheer/see-through fabric. 

Is Your Clothing And Appropriate Colour For Your Role? 

You may need to blend into the stage design (example: if doing story stick story you will need to wear black against a black background so the story sticks pop). Most of the time, however, you will need to stand out from the stage design.

Remember the stage lights will penetrate light coloured and/or sheer material and reveal more than you see in your mirror at home.

If In Doubt, Don't Wear It

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