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Preparing Well

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Preparing Well

1. Pray

Ask God to convict you of the truth you are about to read. Depend on him: you are teaching God’s Word to God’s kids and God’s Spirit is the one who will convict them of truth.

2. Read The Bible Passage You Are Going To Teach

If possible, read it from two different versions (NIV, Holman, International Children’s Bible).

3. Write Down What You Think The Big Idea Of The Passage Is

Open your programs and read what has been written as the big idea. Do you agree? Highlight the big idea and commit it to memory.

4. Read Through Your Program And Highlight The Most Important Things

This could be games or activities you’ve been allocated by your Team Leader. This may be key questions or phrases, anything you need to memorise. Add comments or write down any new ideas that you used to improve the programs.
Note: your comments are then used to improve the programs before being published on Kidswise for use by churches here in Australia and overseas.

5. Practise Anything You Present

Practise out loud and in front of a mirror (or audience: family member or friend). Ensure you have all the resources you need to teach your lesson.

6. Pray For Each Child In Your Small Group By Name

Pray about what you plan to teach them this week and any other pastoral concerns you may have for each of them.

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