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  • Direct all parents to change nappies in the Disable Toilets on the change table provided.
  • Tissues should be made available in each room occupied by children.
  • Children under 5 (as well as all Leaders) must clean their hands before entering rooms. Team Leaders hand parents a nursery wipe to clean their child’s hand, before welcoming the child into the room. If a child cannot use a nursery wipe (allergies, eczema…) Hamilton Handwash is provided instead. Hand parent Hamilton Handwash and direct them to wash hands in the toilets.
  • All parents must clean their hands if entering a room.
  • All school age children must wash their hands or use anti-bacterial gel (or Hamilton Handwash) before preparing or eating food.
  • If playing games that involve food, provide food in individually wrapped servings (i.e. wrapped lollies). Avoid games where children eat from communal plates of unwrapped lollies.
  • If a game requires children to use utensils such as straws, forks or cups that go into mouths, each child must be issued with their own utensil (i.e. their own straw, fork, cup).
  • Toys/sports equipment needs to be washable (where appropriate) and safe. 


  • Parents are not to send children to a program when the child is unwell (e.g. have a rash, temperature, gastric bug or green runny nose). 
  • Leaders are not to teach children when unwell (see list above). 
  • Leaders are to notify the appropriate Campus Minister if a child with an infectious condition has attended. The Campus Minister will then send an email alerting all parents/guardians whose children have been in contact with that child.

First Aid

  • The Kids Ministry Director and Campus Ministers will have a list of everyone who has up-to-date in their First Aid Training and who are approved to work with children.
  • If a child is hurt, the parents/guardian needs to be notified as soon as possible.
  • Two leaders need to be present when First Aid is being administered.
  • First Aid Kits are available in the kitchens. 
  • Ice packs can be found in freezers or first aid kits.
  • If a child or leader is hurt, the person (must be an adult) who witnessed the accident needs to fill in an Incident Report. Forms are then sent to the Church Administrator.
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