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In The Kitchen

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In The Kitchen

Entering Kitchen

  • Place all personal items in the cupboard near the handwash basin. DO NOT put items on bench tops.
  • Wash hands thoroughly in the handwash basin ONLY.  Please remember to rewash after coughing, blowing nose, handling garbage etc.
  • Start your shift with clean linen. Any dirty linen left out needs to go in the wash basket.
  • MBM has a nut aware policy. Please do not bring any products that have nuts listed on their ingredients list.

Working Safe

  • Wear food prep gloves or wash hands if handling food.
  • Remember to change gloves or wash hands in between handling different food groups (e.g. bread, meat, cheese, fruit).
  • A wound must be covered by a blue band aid and gloves worn over the top.
  • Keep children out of the kitchen unless the children are cooking (e.g. school aged children who are being supervised by adults at all times).
  • Use the correct colour coded chopping board (see guide posters on the wall and cupboard).
  • Change knives or wash in between different foods.
  • Only use wooden boards under coffee percolators and hot pots, etc. Keep percolator away from overhead cupboards because of steam damage.
  • Use the correct colour coded cleaning equipment: see guide poster near sink and in Cleaners Store.
  • Use paper towels for minor floor spills and the appropriate mop from Cleaners Store for major spills. Use “wet floor sign” if needed.
  • Key to Cleaners Store is located on the hook above washbasin near kitchen entrance.
  • Do not leave sharp knives laying around kitchen unattended.
  • No urn is to put on the edge of a table at child's height.
  • Tea and coffee should be served well away from food collection areas and lids provided for hot drinks.

Cleaning Up

  • Wash all food prep and serving dishes with hot soapy water or wash in dishwasher (instructions on side of fridge). Don’t just rinse. 
  • Do not leave leftover food in fridge unless it is clearly marked who should use it (pens located in top of personal cupboard).
  • All linen needs to go in wash basket, if wet leave out to dry.
  • Leave sinks and strainers clean.
  • All kitchen garbage bins need to be emptied and new bin liners put in. 
  • Floor needs to be swept and mopped if needed (place “wet floor” sign out when finished).
  • If stocks are running low, check the reserve stock in Cleaners Store and Room 7 cupboards.
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