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Safety Checks

  • Broken toys/equipment are to be thrown out, not repaired.
  • All mats are to be regularly checked for tripping hazards.
  • Donated toys and equipment must be handed to and checked by the Kids Ministry Director or Campus Minister prior to use.
  • No Leader is to bring in equipment into the room unless it’s been cleared with the Kids Ministry Director or Campus Minister. Example: playdough is only made by people nominated by the Kids Ministry Director or Campus Minister.
  • All equipment in each room has been checked (e.g. all rubber products have been removed for children who are anaphylactic to rubber) and sorted (i.e. age appropriate equipment in each room). 

Safe Equipment

  • All equipment needs to be appropriate and safe for children (i.e. nothing poisonous, heavy, small, hot or sharp).
  • Leaders are to keep any equipment that’s only to be used by an adult (i.e. adult scissors, hot glue guns, permanent pens, etc.) out of reach of children. 
  • Scissors: children up to 7 years old are only to use child safe scissors.
  • Glue guns: children from Year 3 upwards can use warm glue guns. No child is to use a hot glue gun (adults only).
  • Cooking: no cooking requiring heat is to be done by children under the age of 8. When cooking requires heat (i.e. fry pan or oven), a risk assessment by leaders needs to take place prior to the activity.
  • Hoops: use of hoops is recommended for children over the age of 5, and their use must be supervised at all times. Hoops can only be used for children under the age of 5 if held by the leader for children to throw something soft (e.g. a ball) through it or placed on the ground (i.e. to mark out a lake or group objects together).
  • Whistles: it is recommended that a whistle be used when playing games with children. A whistle must be used when using the tug-of-war rope.
  • Chairs and tables need to be stacked in a lockable storage area when not in use. If this is not possible, face stacks of chairs towards the wall to discourage children from climbing them.
  • Ensure all electrical cords (CD players, glue guns, data projectors, etc.) are not within easy reach of children or creating tripping hazards.
  • Childproof plugs need to be placed in electrical sockets when not in use. Extra plugs are available in the Resource Store.

Personal Belongings

  • Leaders are to ensure that personal items (i.e. handbags, mobile phones) are out of reach of children.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used except for the ministry or in an emergency. 
  • All Team Leaders need to carry a mobile phone at all times and be able to communicate with the Sound Desk, Kids Ministry Director and Campus Ministers (i.e. have their mobile numbers).
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