Profile of the Multicultural Bible Ministry

About MBM

Our vision is to see lives transformed through Jesus Christ to the glory of God in the multicultural west of Sydney.

We have a specialised ministry model with staff serving across congregations and across campuses. We are an Evangelical Reformed Anglican Church with over 1100 adults and children from 70 different cultures meeting each Sunday as 6 congregations across 3 campuses.

Our History

Our Structure


Glorifying God in all that we do.


Loving the world by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus


Growing to be like Jesus


Growing to be like Jesus


Growing to be like Jesus

Deacons' Board

After discussion at the AGM, MBM decided to have a Deacons' Board, consisting of people appointed to portfolios such as property maintenance, finances, WHS, etc. It has run successfully for us for over five years, and is consistently passed at the AGM without dissent.

Our Goals (2015-2025)

By God's grace our desire is:

1. To grow MBM both in faithfulness and fruitfulness

(1500 at Rooty Hill; 200 at Parramatta).
Rooty Hill
682 (930 pre-covid)

2. To make 1000 new disciples from among the nations of Sydney’s West

New Disciples

3. Strengthen other churches in and their leaders in Sydney's West

4. To plant 5 new off-site congregations in Sydney’s West.

New off-site Congregations
2017 / MBM South West Launched (Became independent in 2021)
2020 / Village Church Launched (within Rooty Hill Retirement Village)
2021 / MBM Parramatta Launched
2021 / African Fellowship Sent

Church Attendance

2010 — Moved out of the local High School Auditorium and into a new multipurpose building in Rooty Hill
2017 — MBM South West Launched; 70 sent from Rooty Hill as core team. Within the year those empty chairs were filled.
2020 — Average weekly attendance pre-covid was 1144
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