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Enrolment Forms + Check-In

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Enrolment Forms + Check-In

Enrolment Forms

  • Enrolment forms are to be collected from parents/guardians for all church based Children’s Ministries.
  • Enrolment information for each child is to be updated each year (via e-mail or hard copy enrolment form).
  • Information collected is stored in lockable filing cabinets, on password-protected computers and in limited access sections of ccb.
  • Information will be made available to the appropriate teams (Team Leader and Leaders). 

/ Sign-Out

  • Children attending holiday clubs are to be signed in and out by the same adult.
  • If the same adult who signed the child in cannot sign that same child out, the parent/guardian must notified the leadership team of that event in writing.


  • Check-in for children attending church-based ministries is to be done via the Self Check-in station. 
  • New families to Kids Church go to the New Families Welcome area. The New Family Welcomers collect details about each child and write a V sticker for each child and parent (the same V number for every member of the one family). 
  • Every parent/guardian is handed an information trifold about Kids Church. 
  • Parent/guardians considering making MBM home are also handed an enrolment form and encouraged to bring it back ASAP where upon they’ll be issued with a Welcome Pack. 
  • The New Family Guide then shows the new family where to go and informs them along the way of important information (collection of children, child’s name and room number will appear on the screen during the service indicating they’re needed by their child…). 
  • New children, along with their V number, are recorded at the bottom of the roll or direct onto the ccb app before entering the program. Once a new family fills in an enrolment form, they will then be able to access the Self Check-in station.
  • Enrolled families (who have completed an enrolment form and have included every child) go to Self Check-in and register each child attending programs that day. To check-in, families type in name or phone number (note: landlines must have area code at the beginning), tick each family member attending that day, then click Finish.
  • Stickers will be printed for each family member attending detailing name, allergies and the daily family rego number. Parents will also receive extra stickers with the daily family rego number for themselves. This number needs to be shown when collecting each child at the conclusion of program. This system allows either parent to pick up their children. Older siblings are not permitted to collect children.
  • If adults bring along children who are not their own, they need to type in the family name or phone number of the child/children in their care and select each child attending. Again, a sticker with the daily family rego number will be printed. Rego number is shown when collecting children.
  • No child will be permitted into any program unless they have either a V sticker or registration sticker unless Self Check-in crashes.
  • If Self Check-in system crashes, check-in will be closed and families will be sent into the service or to the appropriate room/s
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