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General Safety

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Fire Or Bomb Threat

  • When the fire alarm sounds, leaders are to pick up the roll, line the children up with a leader at the beginning and end of the line, and walk the children out the nearest exit door.
  • Keep children calm.
  • Senior person (i.e. Campus Minister, Deacon….) is responsible for contacting the appropriate authorities: emergency services, Lead Pastor, Deacons.
  • Leaders are not to try and put the fire out with fire hydrants or fire blankets. Their role is to organise the exit of all children safely from the building. 
  • If smoke is present, have the children get down on all fours and crawl out.
  • Children are taken to the collection point: fenced area outside the Ministry Centre.
  • Parents will come and collect their children from the collection point.
  • Mark children off the role as parents collect them. 
  • A fire and bomb drill will be done once a year in all kids ministries.
  • Scripture Teachers follow the direction of State School Teachers in the case of a fire or bomb threat


  • In the event of a violent attack, (e.g. gunman) leaders are to lock doors, pull down blinds, turn the lights off and have children sit under tables or chairs.
  • Wait for further instructions.
  • Team Leaders are to notify police and church leaders via mobile phone.
  • A lock down drill will be done once a year, in all age groups except the Toddlers.
  • If people become disruptive or threatening, leaders are to ensure all children are inside and lock external doors. If the situation is deemed dangerous (i.e. excessively violent or appear to involve weapons), Leaders are not to approach them. Police need to be called immediately.
  • Scripture Teachers follow the direction of State School Teachers in the case of a lockdown

Need To Know

  • Need-to-know information for each child is collected from enrolment forms and an up-to-date list titled, Need-To-Know is available in each roll folder.
  • Team Leaders are responsible for double checking this list each week and passing on this information to their teams. 
  • Need-to-know lists include things like allergies, behavioural issues, disabilities, chronic health issues, access issues… etc. 
  • If unsure about what has been written on the list Team Leaders discuss uncertainties with the appropriate Campus Minister or the Kids Ministry Director, who will then contact the parents for further clarification.
  • Epi pens are to be handed to the Team Leader who then places it in a secure location within the room (out of reach of children). Epi pens are returned to parent/guardian when the child is collected.


  • MBM has a nut aware policy. Please do not bring any products that have nuts listed on their ingredients list. 
  • Parents of children with allergies attending the Holiday Clubs and Connect Kids must provide a labeled lunch box with an appropriate morning tea for each child attending. 
  • Children must be seated if being served food in their programs. 
  • Food served in individual servings (i.e. in a cup, disposable packaging etc.) is the ideal.

Hot Drinks

  • No child is allowed a hot drink. No parent is allowed to serve his or her own child a hot drink.
  • No parent is to collect his or her child from a program carrying a hot drink.
  • No urn is to put on the edge of a table at child's height.
  • Tea and coffee should be served well away from food collection areas and lids provided for hot drinks.

Car Park

  • All cars are to back into car spaces and exit front first.
  • No child is to be left unsupervised in the car park, before, during or after programs.
  • No supervised games are to be played in the car park unless car park has been locked off to all cars (e.g. Open Day). 


  • Children, unable to travel with their own parents/guardians during an outing, may only be transported by an approved adult. Approved adults have the same requirements as those of a Leader (i.e. up-to-date WWCC, Safe Ministry Training, two character references).
  • Approved adults must have their “Green P” plates or a full driver's license, a zero alcohol reading and not have any other impairment that would affect their ability to drive safely (e.g. poor eyesight).
  • Children are to sit in the back seat and in appropriate car seats when being transported.
  • No adult is ever to be alone while driving with a child (who is not their own child or sibling).
  • Approved adults must obtain written permission from the child's parent/guardian before driving them.
  • Vehicles used for transport must be suitable (i.e. registered, regularly serviced and safe).

Off-Site Outings

  • Team Leader organizing the outing must complete an Activity Approval Form and be signed off by the Kids Ministry Director (and Senior Pastor) before proceeding.
  • The Kids Ministry Director must approve the permission note prior to it being handed out. 
  • All permission notes need to be returned to the Kids Ministry Director as they are required to be kept indefinitely. 
  • The following must be done prior to an outing:
    • Kids Ministry Director must approve the plan, the permission slip and the Leaders and seek permission from the Lead Pastor 6 weeks before the event. 
    • A minimum of two approved adults is required for every outing, though more may be required (consideration needs to take into account appropriate adult-child ratios).
    • Every adult (and Junior Leader) at the event needs to be approved prior to the event. Each Leader must have a Working with Children’s Check, Safe Ministry Training and a Safe Ministry Check. 
    • 3-4 weeks before the event parents need to be notified of the event and the details
    • Permission notes issued/collected (see the MBM Kids standard permission note)
    • Appropriate risk assessments complete (including equipment, activities and location)To be kept and given to MBM Kids Director.
  • At the Event:
    • Attendance Form is filled in. Please use the MBM Kids generic form
    • If there are any incidents or injuries during the event, please ensure to fill out a ’Safe Ministry Incident Form’ and return it to the Kids Ministry Director. 
  • After the event, return all forms (Attendance, permission slips and any incident forms) to the Kids Ministry Director.

Risk Assessment

  • A risk assessment identifies any possible risks and aims to minimize or remove risks altogether. It takes into consideration:
    • The type of equipment being used
    • The location of the activity
    • Its proximity to other activities
    • Who will be using the equipment
  • Risk assessments need to be completed by teams on a regular basis (new game, new equipment, new environment etc.) and returned to the Kids Ministry Director


  • Children are to wear shoes (preferably closed shoes) at all times except if asked to remove shoes by a leader for a game. At the conclusion of the game, shoes are to be put back on.
  • No parent is to give their child permission to take his/her shoes off while on church property.

Leader Identification

  • All Leaders, Equipment Officers, Welcomers etc. in church-based kids ministry teams are to wear the appropriate lanyard with the MBM logo.
  • All members of Holiday Club teams are to wear the team t-shirt and a name badge for identification.
  • Scripture Teachers are to carry their authorization cards with them at all times

Content Ratings

  • When showing DVDs or YouTube clips to children the following ratings need to be followed:
    • G rated films- All children
    • PG - Can be considered for children over 8 (approval from the Kids Ministry Director and written approval from parent/guardians needed first
  • Only DVDs orYouTube clips approved by YouthWorks can be used in Scripture lessons
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