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Ratios + Supervision

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Ratios + Supervision

Child To Leader Ratios

  • 1:3 ratio for 1 year olds (Toddlers)
  • 1:4 ratio for 2 year olds (Toddlers)
  • 1:5 ratio for 3 and 4 year olds (Preschool)
  • 1:8 ratio for 5 to 11 year olds (Kindergarten to Year 6)
  • These ratios do not take into consideration children with special needs (i.e. Down Syndrome, Autism…). Ratios for these children will be decided on an individual basis by the Kids Ministry Director, in consultation with the parent/guardian of the child.
  • If the number of children exceeds the ratio, Team Leaders contact the appropriate Campus Minister. The Campus Minister is then responsible for finding suitable leaders to step in.
  • Teenage leaders can only be included in this ratio if they are 16 years of age or over and there are two or more adult leaders in the room (this ensures that no teenage helper is ever left alone with children).
  • Children are to be supervised at all times when in programs.


  • Children can talk one-on-one to a leader as long as another leader or children are in sight.
  • Children are never to be left alone with equipment.
  • Never leave children alone with water (no matter the depth). This includes water trays (for the very young child) right through to lakes, rivers and the sea (i.e. on an outing). 
  • If using a water tray with children, empty the tray as soon as the activity is completed.
  • No personal items (comfort rugs, teddies…) are to be brought into Under Fives Programs. 
  • If school age children bring their own balls/play equipment from home, leaders or parents need to supervise them while using the equipment. Leaders are to take no responsibility for equipment brought from home used after the program has finished. Use of equipment outside programs, where children are unsupervised is to be discouraged.
  • School age children who bring personal items may have their equipment confiscated and returned to them at the end of the program. If the item brought is dangerous, the leader hands it back to parent/guardian and ask them to remove it from the church property.
  • All equipment needs to be collected and locked away at the conclusion of every program.

Out Of Bounds

  • Adults and children need to know the out of bounds areas for children. 
  • Out of bounds areas include: store rooms, car park, stage, music equipment, kitchen, sound desk, Mother’s rooms (out of bounds for older children), children's rooms before/after programs (unless child has permission from a leader and is supervised).

Outdoor Precautions

  • Outdoor areas need to be inspected for glass, syringes, broken bottles, etc. before moving children to these areas.
  • Keep children in sight at all times.
  • Define the limits as to where the children are allowed to spread to.
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