Our Stories


Personal stories about the transforming work of Jesus Christ.

Our Stories: Joe + Todd

Imagine your best mate took your spouse from you. What would you do? How would you cope? That is exactly what happened between Joe and Todd. How is it possible that they are on stage together sharing the story.

Guest Interview: Phillip Jensen

Phillip, the man who has shaped, both directly and indirectly, so many of us in becoming more like Jesus shared about the tragic death of his grandson, Nathan. While there is incredible sadness there is also a deep assurance that he will see him again!

Our Stories: Jordan Milgate

After the sudden death of a good mate, Jordan begun to blame God and live a very rebellious life. Yet even through those years Jesus continued to reach out to Jordan. Hear the story of how Jesus changed his life.

Guest: John Hilton

John Hilton shares his story as a transgender sex worker and drug addict which began as a teenager and continued throughout much of his life. Along the way he became a Hare Krishna Monk in India for 10 years.

He returned to prostitution and drugs and after being beaten to an inch of his life cried out to God. This happened late in his life some 16 years ago. The end of this story is truly amazing.

Our Stories: Sam Jensen

Sam shares her journey from finding Jesus as a child, drifting away, then coming back and finding contentment and joy through Christ.

Our Stories: Phil Borg

Phil had a saying “It’s all about Phil” but that all changed when he met Jesus. Watch Phil share his testimony as he is baptised on Easter Sunday.