We were created to work! Sin frustrated that. But Jesus has re-created us in His image to work with Him for eternal purposes. Through Proverbs, God teaches us how to do that work wisely.

We have all struggled with anger either in our selves or from others. The Bible has a lot to say about anger. Proverbs in particular helps us see how anger can be used as a good gift from God if we use it to stir gently, burn warmly and rule wisely.

Of all the subjects Proverbs deals with, it offers us the most wisdom when it comes to our words. Specifically what words to say, when to say them and why we say them.

Proverbs gives us wisdom for wealth in this age, but Jesus gives wisdom for wealth into eternity

As humans, we often have the choice of being wise or being foolish. Thankfully God gives us the book of Proverbs to live wisely. In this opening section of Proverbs we are told the purpose, the principle and the person of wisdom

Life can be really hard to understand and navigate. In a world of so much complexity, how do we flourish and live wisely? In Proverbs 1, the wise man Solomon introduces us to the starting point of all wisdom, God himself.

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