Bible Talks by Steve Chong

How Do I Know God Is There?

Preached on July 24, 2016
Bible Text: Luke 19:1-10

How do we know God is there?  Because He introduced himself to us.  Imagine Jesus himself introduced himself to you? Your life would never be the same again.  Zacchaeus welcomed Jesus gladly, will you?

The Hope of Heaven (PM)

Preached on March 19, 2016
Bible Text: Revelation 21:1-7

Does the reality of heaven affect your life today? Is there life after life? And what does that mean for death here on earth? Steve takes us to Revelation 21 as we unpack what this picture of paradise means for life today.

The Birth That Begs A Response

Preached on December 23, 2015
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-11

Steve talks about three responses to Jesus in the wise men story that you missed.