July Holiday Club / Medieval Mania

June 29 - July 2 / Kindy - Year 6

Pastor Rob Abboud reminds us of the importance to pursue peace with one another. For unresolved conflict with each other, means conflict with Jesus himself.

God's personal Word to us in the Scriptures enables us to come to salvation in Jesus, and equips us to live a life worthy of our calling by training us in truth and righteousness.

The Joseph story helps us to see that when life turns upside-down, God is still in control, and he's still good.

Stephen was the first martyr. But he isn’t the last. In his dying words he issues a rousing wake up call to get on board with God's program.

The Word ministry must not be neglected, but in order for that to happen, the church needs godly leaders to oversee other ministries in order for all to be cared for and the lost saved.

Bible Text: Psalm 15 | Speaker: Rob Abboud | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | Jesus gives us entrance into God's house, and life in God's house is learning to live like Jesus.

Bible Text: John 15:18-25 | Preacher: Rob Abboud | Series: Seeing Jesus' Glory | Just as Christians receive the benefits of Jesus’ love with the father, so too we receive the consequences of the world’s hate towards him.

Bible Text: Luke 2:25-35 | Preacher: Rob Abboud | Series: Christmas 2019

Bible Text: Colossians 4:2-6 | Preacher: Rob Abboud | Series: Grounded In Christ | How do we work together with God in His work of saving lives through Jesus Christ? By praying for God to give us opportunities to bear witness to Christ and His work in our lives.

Bible Text: Colossians 1:24-2:3 | Preacher: Rob Abboud | Series: Grounded In Christ | What is it we’re doing in the Christian life? What’s the heart of all we do as a Church? Paul says, we’re speaking the word about Jesus to all people to prepare them to meet Jesus on that last day.

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