Jesus hangs on the cross as humanity mock “save yourself, if you can”. Yet in Jesus, God was saving those very ones who mocked him. Jesus could have saved himself, but didn’t, because we can’t.

Christians worship the God of comfort in the midst of pain and hardships. But the temptation is to serve the idol of comfort and seek to escape suffering. Paul shows us that as our bodies waste away, we can have confidence that our home is in heaven, not on earth; not in a mortal body, but an eternal one.

Christians carry the aroma of Christ everywhere we go. As we share Jesus with the world, some people will love it, some will hate it, but God is pleased to use us regardless of the outcome.

We were created to work! Sin frustrated that. But Jesus has re-created us in His image to work with Him for eternal purposes. Through Proverbs, God teaches us how to do that work wisely.

Humility offers us freedom from the prison of pride, and it comes only through the grace of God in Jesus.

Our culture says life is about sex and judges all things by that. God says, sex is for marriage, marriage is for God and life is about more than both! It’s about marriage with Jesus.

Having Integrity is the ability to reflect and display our God of truth to a world warped and made crooked with lies.

We love superheroes. They inspire hope and a longing for more. But Superheroes are all based on, and ultimately point us to the true hero, Jesus. The one who not only made us, but came into our world, to give his own life to rescue us from our ultimate enemy, ourselves!

We often find ourselves asking, “How could God allow that?” Through the life of Samson and ultimately in the life of Jesus, we learn that God can work through sin to bring about salvation for His people.

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