Jesus can be confusing because he often does the opposite of what we expect. People usually desire power to control. But Jesus, who had all power, used his to serve and save others. Will you let him serve you?

John warns about those who claim to have a word from God just for you. He calls the church to test the spirits and shows them how they can know if they’re hearing God’s voice, or a false prophet’s.

How do we know if we know and love God? John tells us we know by living like Jesus did: Keeping God’s commands to love each other the way Jesus loved us.

Israel were invited to see God and given a way for that to happen. We have also been invited into His presence for eternity through Jesus Christ.

God saves and transforms the community of His people through this new way of doing life.

God is faithful to His promises in the midst of our reality. When life turns upside-down, knowing that God is for us, with us, and bigger than us protects us from falling into the depths of despair.

Jesus teaches us to pray that we would have all we need today to exist on to tomorrow for God’s cause.

To learn to pray, we must understand Jesus, the Son of God's prayer life. He demonstrates utter dependence and desire to be with His Father in heaven. For those who trust in His name, he offers full and free access to God.

Jesus teaches all who would come to Him what life in God’s kingdom will be like. He flips their world upside down and challenges our view of what being blessed truly is.

In Acts 19 God confirms the validity and power of His word as lives are continually transformed. The word keeps going out and the world around experiences the difference Jesus makes.

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