Conditions of entry

In Acts 19 God confirms the validity and power of His word as lives are continually transformed. The word keeps going out and the world around experiences the difference Jesus makes.

This week Rob and Ray talk about church leaders and what it means when 1 Timothy 5 talks about honouring them.

This week Rob and Ray are joined by Mark and get super practical as they think about how to be a dad God's way.

We live in anxious times and we as people are prone to worry. Today, Rob Abboud shows us from Matt 6 the number 1 thing that will help us to not worry.

This week Rob and Ray are joined by Osea as they discuss care for widows/ widowers 1 Timothy 5.

This week Rob and Dan discuss a range of things from godliness to the teachings of demons from 1 Timothy 4. Please send your questions to [email protected] We would love to answer them next week.

This week Rob and Ray discuss God's plan for Church Leadership and how that is applied at MBM from 1 Timothy 3. Apologies for the poor audio quality in a number of places.

This week Rob and Ray are joined by Lisa as they discuss the challenging passage of 1 Timothy 2:8-15 that deals with what women can and can't do in the church.

Our Brand New Podcast: Loose Ends, answers questions you had from the sermon, covers aspects that we didn't get to include in the sermon and seeks to tie up any other loose ends.

We live in an increasingly polarised world. Many are gripped by fear, anxiety and outrage. Today, Pastor Rob Abboud opens up 1 Timothy 2 and shows the peace and freedom only possible through Jesus.

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