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What is perhaps the second most significant event in salvation history? Today, Pastor Ray Galea takes us to Acts 10 and 11 and shows us.

Know someone that you think is too far gone? Think again. Today, Pastor Ray Galea begins our Celebration Series as we look at the worst of sinners being commissioned to take the message of Jesus to the world.

What is the answer to a life of fear? Today, Pastor Ray Galea shows us from Psalm 2 that fear melts away when we 'kiss the Son'.

This week Dan and Ray talk with Susan Boyley about how to use our finances for God's glory.

We are in a war. But it's probably not the war you think. Today, Lead Pastor Ray Galea finishes off the book of 1 Timothy and we see the landscape of this war and how we are to fight!

This week Rob and Ray talk about church leaders and what it means when 1 Timothy 5 talks about honouring them.

How are we to treat our church leaders? Are we to honour them? Today, Ray Galea takes us to the second half of 1 Timothy 5 and we see what honouring leaders looks like.

This week Rob and Ray are joined by Mark and get super practical as they think about how to be a dad God's way.

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