Bible Talks by Ray Galea

Summoned By God

Preached on September 20, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 95

God has summoned his people to worship him with joyful singing. God has also summoned his people to hear his Word and heed his warnings.

Death Stops Us From Trusting Wealth (Psalm 49)

Preached on September 13, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 49

Since death comes to all it allows us to see that trusting and boasting in wealth has no future.

The Father’s Compassion On His Children

Preached on September 6, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 103

We are to urge ourselves to praise our God and Father for the many benefits that come from him.

Who Can Dwell in the House of the Lord?

Preached on August 23, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 15

In this soul-searching Psalm, the Prophet King David reflects on the kind of character that fits a person who lives in light of the presence of God. There are a million things that could have been said, but David focus’ on godly speech as a reflection of what’s in their heart.

Happiness Is For The Forgiven (Psalm 32)

Preached on August 16, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 32

The happy soul knows that sin leads to confession, confession leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness leads to joy.

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Preached on August 9, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 23

Psalm 23 is one of the most well known parts of the Bible, often read at funerals. However it is a Psalm for the living not the dead. It speak of the personal, powerful and protective hand of God the Shepherd of our soul.

How Long Lord? (Psalm 13)

Preached on August 2, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 13

Bible Text: Psalm 13 | Speaker: Ray Galea | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | 'To cry is human, but to lament is Christian'. In Psalm 13 we explore with David the need for every Christian to learn how to lament as well as praise our Lord.

Who Wants To Be Happy? (Psalm 1)

Preached on July 26, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 1

Bible Text: Psalm 1 | Speaker: Ray Galea | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | Psalm 1 answers the life long question, 'How can we find long lasting happiness of the soul?' It is found by rejecting the influences of the world and delighting in God's word.

The Church Through Jesus’ Eyes

Preached on July 19, 2020
Bible Text: Ephesians 5:21-33

You cannot love Jesus unless you love his church. The church is his body and his bride, so to ignore the church is to ignore Christ and to love the church is to love Jesus.

What do you want from God?

Preached on July 12, 2020
Bible Text: Luke 18:9-14

Jesus places the best and worst that his nation could produce in the temple before God to show once and for all that a person is put right with God not by our goodness but by his mercy.