Ray's Farewell Bible Talk

How is Jesus able to relate to us and help us when we are tempted? Today, Pastor Ray Galea shows us from Matthew 4.

What's the difference between repentance and remorse? Is there a difference? Today, Pastor Ray Galea explains the difference and the results of both.

What is the one thing that will hold you back from following Jesus? Today, Pastor Ray Galea answers that question from Matthew 2.

The Book of Matthew starts with a list of names. At first glance, this doesn't seem like the most exciting way to introduce the Saviour until you realise the question that it is answering. Today, Pastor Ray Galea helps us to understand both the question and the answer.

Today Pastor Ray Galea completes our series in the book of Acts. However, we begin with a breathtaking vision of the holiness of God from Isaiah.

What good can come from difficult times in our lives? Today Pastor Ray Galea shows us in Acts 28 how the transforming work of Jesus happens despite our plans and the storms we face.

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