Bible Talks by Rachel Ciano

Dead Guys You Should Know: Thomas Cranmer

Preached on January 6, 2015
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Thomas Cranmer (2 July 1489 – 21 March 1556) was a leader of the English Reformation and Archbishop of Canterbury during the reigns of Henry VIII, Edward VI and, for a short time, Mary I.

During Cranmer's tenure as Archbishop of Canterbury, he was responsible for establishing the first doctrinal and liturgical structures of the reformed Church of England.

Dead Guys You Should Know: Augustine

Preached on January 8, 2014
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More than sixteen hundred years since his conversion, Augustine towers over Western history as one of the most important people outside of the Bible. Augustine’s teachings — God is Trinitarian and holy, people are evil by the choice of their own free will and born with a sinful nature, and people can only be saved by grace from God that is granted because he predestined them.