Sadly, we have had to pause all of our in-person church services and ministries due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation.


Bible Text: Revelation 4 and 5 | Preacher: Mike Raiter | Series: MBM Under The Microscope | Mike speaks about how times have changed. From 50 years ago, most people were sympathetic to the Christian faith to today's antipathy.

However God is in control, He will triumph over all history, trust in God's sovereignty – He will win.

Preacher: Mike Raiter | Series: Men of Integrity | 2nd talk by Mike Raiter

Preacher: Mike Raiter | Series: Men of Integrity | 3rd talk by Mike Raiter'

Preacher: Mike Raiter | Series: Men of Integrity | 1st talk by Mike Raiter

Bible Text: Ephesians 6:10-20 | Preacher: Mike Raiter | Series: Why Not… World Religion Series | 1.6 Billion people claim to be Muslim. Islam related issues are constantly in the paper. Mike Raiter helpfully explores the distinctive of Islam, holy war and how we should respond as Christians.

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