Bible Talks by Mark Boyley

The Gift Of Song (AM)

Preached on October 1, 2017
Bible Text: Psalm 149:1-5; Ephesians 5:18-20

‘The Gift of Song’ is a topical talk on why we sing. We sing to praise, to pray and to proclaim.

Wisdom At The Bottle Shop

Preached on April 23, 2017
Bible Text: Proverbs 23:29-35

Beware and be wise about alcohol - the blessing that can bite.

Our God Provides

Preached on October 9, 2016
Bible Text: Genesis 22:1-18

Enjoy God’s blessing by putting your faith in the sacrifice He has provided for you.


Preached on April 17, 2016
Bible Text: Galatians 5:22-6:10

Believe you need to grow in goodness and rely on God the Spirit to transform you.

God’s Help in Sickness and Struggles (AM Service)

Preached on October 3, 2015
Bible Text: Isaiah 43:1-7

Fear not! Rest your hearts in God, as He has His people’s future safe in His hands.

Why Not… Buddhism?

Preached on July 4, 2015
Bible Text: Colossians 2:6-10, 1 Peter 1:3-9

Buddhism may look attractive but leaves us alone without Christ to save us.

The King Of Kindness

Preached on May 16, 2015
Bible Text: 2 Samuel 9

Humbly accept God’s loving-kindness to you, then be kind to others in the same way.

A Church is Born

Preached on October 11, 2014
Bible Text: Acts 16

God's church is made up of people from every background united by the gospel of Jesus – Expect, celebrate and support that.