What a day! Jesus’ grief over sin and evil leads him to reveal more of His divine power to save. At the end of this day you’ll want to love, trust and worship Jesus all the more.

You who are weary and burdened, find rest for your soul in our fearsome yet wonderful God.

Jesus has such power, that we must put our faith in Him, forsaking all to follow.

Psalm 150 calls us to hallelujah the world, by urgently calling on them to join us in praise to the LORD.

Busting four Christmas myths to get to the real Jesus we need

Confidence of eternal life is our privilege - if our trust is in the true Jesus of the Bible.

Don’t give in to the world that we have overcome in Christ.

The simple joy of the Christian life is that relationship with God comes to us through the witness to Jesus we find in the Bible.

The exalted God of all has come close to us in Jesus – therefore church is incredibly significant.

Israel’s Passover reminds us to keep remembering afresh our utter dependance upon the blood of Jesus for salvation.

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