Bible Talks by Marcelo Morbelli

Why Are You So Afraid

Preached on January 10, 2021
Bible Text: Acts 4:35-41

The story of the sea storm in the Gospel of Mark challenges us to recognise Jesus for who he really is and call us to respond: either in fear, or faith.

The Witness Of Stephen

Preached on December 13, 2020
Bible Text: Acts: 6:8-8:1

Persecution has been slowly ramping up against the God's people in Acts so far. In Acts 7 it escalates to the point of death as we meet the first Christian martyr, Stephen.

Witness to Jesus Under Persecution

Preached on November 15, 2020
Bible Text: Acts 4:1-37

Having just healed a cripple man in the name of Jesus, Peter and John are arrested while preaching. In this passage, we witness their Spirit-empowered boldness as they proclaim Jesus is Lord. We see clearly that nothing can nor will stop God from building his church, not even persecution.

Trust The Living Lord

Preached on October 11, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 115

Everyone worships something. The only choice you get is what to worship. This Psalm presents the choice between lifeless idols and the true, living God. Who will you trust?

Preach To Your Soul!

Preached on August 30, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 42

There are seasons in life when God feels absent, as if he is simply not there. What do you do when your intimacy with God fades? When He is no longer your delight? When tears are all you have had to eat day and night? This Psalm provides an answer that is unexpected: preach to your soul!

Two Ways to Live (Psalm 1)

Preached on July 26, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 1

Bible Text: Psalm 1 | Speaker: Marcelo Morbelli | The first Psalm presents us with two realities, two ways for each person to live out their life here on earth. One way leads to true, satisfying happiness, the other, to destruction.

Fallen Hero Restored

Preached on April 19, 2020
Bible Text: John 21

The book of John finishes with this incredible interaction between the resurrected Jesus, and his failed disciple Peter. As he restores him and reinstates him, we see the powerful mercy and grace God offers us all. In doing so, we can have complete trust in the eyewitness accounts of Jesus and trust what they say about who he is and what he has done.

The Spirit of Truth

Preached on March 1, 2020
Bible Text: John 14:15–31

Jesus has announced to his disciples that he is leaving and he reassures them that they won't be alone. They must trust Jesus that him going is better than him staying.

What Is My Purpose In Life

Preached on January 19, 2020
Bible Text: Ephesians 1:3-14

This is a question that at some point confronts us all. It is central to who we are and gives us a reason to get out of bed in the morning. We will look at how our world seems to answer this question and then turn to what God says and consider the implications for our lives.

Under the Wings of a Kind God

Preached on December 8, 2019
Bible Text: Ruth 2

Ruth is the story of ordinary people and an extraordinary God. In this chapter, Ruth finds favour with God’s people as she comes for refuge under the wings of the God who blesses.