We all have an idea about the things of God that is formed by our experience and ideas, our culture and our own traditions. In this passage the Apostle Paul sets the record straight by clarifying who God is and what he’s done so we can live according to the truth.

There are some conflicts where we simply have to agree to disagree, and some where we can bend over backward for each other in the name of love and in a desire for peace and unity. However there are some conflicts that are not negotiable, and guarding the gospel of grace is one of those.

As the gospel continues to go out from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth, we see God use different forms of  hardship to strengthen his church and make his unstoppable Word flourish.

In a world living in the fear of plague, famine and death, Psalm 91 stands out as a declaration of the confidence the child of God can have when they find rest in the shadow of God Almighty.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment comes from being satisfied with God. God satisfies us by revealing himself to us in Christ, so we can live in the world in a way that is fitting for a people who claim to worship God.

After instructing the church on how to stay focused on Jesus through Sound Doctrine, Paul then describes the kind of way Satan will try to deceive the church through seemingly innocent rules and additions to the teaching of Jesus.

In this passage of scripture, our Apostle Paul describes the kind of person God is calling to take care of his bride, who is his church.

God has called men and women to work together in the church, but unlike the world, our differences need to be maintained, not blurred, so we don’t fall under the same trap the devil set for Adam and Eve in Eden.

After laying a foundation for the church to pray in line with God’s plans, Paul now instructs the women of the church to show the world that true dignity comes from knowing Jesus, and being found in him.

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