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In a world living in the fear of plague, famine and death, Psalm 91 stands out as a declaration of the confidence the child of God can have when they find rest in the shadow of God Almighty.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. Contentment comes from being satisfied with God. God satisfies us by revealing himself to us in Christ, so we can live in the world in a way that is fitting for a people who claim to worship God.

After instructing the church on how to stay focused on Jesus through Sound Doctrine, Paul then describes the kind of way Satan will try to deceive the church through seemingly innocent rules and additions to the teaching of Jesus.

In this passage of scripture, our Apostle Paul describes the kind of person God is calling to take care of his bride, who is his church.

God has called men and women to work together in the church, but unlike the world, our differences need to be maintained, not blurred, so we don’t fall under the same trap the devil set for Adam and Eve in Eden.

After laying a foundation for the church to pray in line with God’s plans, Paul now instructs the women of the church to show the world that true dignity comes from knowing Jesus, and being found in him.

After the Apostle Paul lays the foundation of what a church is according to God, he begins to give instructions on how we should conduct ourselves as God’s household, by teaching the church how to pray in light of God’s plans.

In the book of Revelation our Lord Jesus gives us a vision of the church in glory so we know what to hope for and to empower us to persevere.

Jesus’ promise to be with his people is fulfilled in part by the presence of his Spirit in each and every disciple, and also as he leads his church through Spirit-filled men who take care of his flock until he returns.

Jesus builds his church by making himself known by the power of his Spirit, then through the Spirit Jesus equips the church to be a proper reflection of himself. Jesus does this to achieve his mission by making himself known through the witness of his church.

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