Sadly, we have had to pause all of our in-person church services and ministries due to the ever changing COVID-19 situation.


After the Apostle Paul lays the foundation of what a church is according to God, he begins to give instructions on how we should conduct ourselves as God’s household, by teaching the church how to pray in light of God’s plans.

In the book of Revelation our Lord Jesus gives us a vision of the church in glory so we know what to hope for and to empower us to persevere.

Jesus’ promise to be with his people is fulfilled in part by the presence of his Spirit in each and every disciple, and also as he leads his church through Spirit-filled men who take care of his flock until he returns.

Jesus builds his church by making himself known by the power of his Spirit, then through the Spirit Jesus equips the church to be a proper reflection of himself. Jesus does this to achieve his mission by making himself known through the witness of his church.

Jesus was very clear about the cost of discipleship. If we live for him, we should expect to be treated the same way he was. In this sermon, we look at the Apostle Paul’s example of suffering for the church as he labored to present them all fully mature in Christ.

Jesus builds his church as people respond to the gospel by giving their lives to him. As this happens, his people give their lives to each other as they stand on his Word and are united by his Spirit. In this incredible passage of scripture the Apostle Paul reminds the church that as we unite, we stand as a witness to the wisdom and power of God.

Jesus came into the world on a mission to seek and save the lost. After defeating sin and death by his death and resurrection, he now fulfills his mission to save the world through his church.

Jesus wants nothing more than for his church to be holy, and in this sermon we look at why he takes sin so seriously, and the authority he’s given his church to maintain its pure and holy witness in the world.

We begin our series on The Church today by looking at the Church’s Foundation – How to enter it, what’s its purpose, and the authority Jesus gives us to fulfill our calling.

Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death, and the good news that we serve a living Lord who has brought life and immortality to light for all who trust in him.

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