Bible Talks by Grant Borg

Waiting For The Spirit

Preached on October 18, 2020
Bible Text: Acts 1

The book of Acts completes the eye-witness accounts of Jesus’ work as Saviour. This powerful book begins in chapter 1 with Jesus’ ascension into heaven and the command to wait until he sends his Spirit to work through his church to save the world. The Apostles will go out to preach the gospel to the nations, but not before they wait for the Spirit to come. We’ll also learn the value of this model as Jesus continues to witness to the world through us here in 2020.

God’s Forever King

Preached on September 27, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 110

Psalm 110 is the most quoted Old Testament chapter in the New Testament of the Bible, and for good reason! It speaks most clearly about who the Messiah is and what he’s coming to do. It’s a terrifying Psalm in one sense because the Messiah rules as a warrior with all the authority of God, but it also brings comfort as we see him ruling for his the sake of his people. He’s not safe, but he’s good, and for that, we’ll praise him forever.

Come Let Us Adore Him

Preached on September 20, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 95

In Psalm 95 we see the most natural response to knowing God is heartfelt praise and worship. Pride may get in our way from being joyful in Jesus from time to time, but it should never stop a child of God from raising their hands in gratitude for who he is and what he’s done.

Intro: As we take a look into our hearts this morning, we see that what we celebrate is one of the clearest signs to show us what we value. Psalm 95 shows us what we should be celebrating, and why, while it also serves a serious warning to those who aren’t where they should be.

The Vanity of Wealth

Preached on September 13, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 49

As we continue to look into God as Father in Psalm 49 this week, we see him giving his children wisdom with regard to wealth. Our gracious God helps us to see the vanity of wealth by those who pursue it, through the lens of an eternal perspective that Jesus fulfilled.

The Fatherhood Of God

Preached on September 6, 2020
Bible Text: Psalms 103

In the New Testament of the Bible, the Apostle Paul tells us that every family in heaven and on earth derives its name from God. He is Father, Provider, Protector, Creator, Sustainer, and Saviour – and in this incredible Psalm, the Prophet King David reflects on God as Father, who he is, and why he’s worthy of praise.

The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Preached on August 9, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 23

This Psalm has got to be the most well known of them all, the one most often quoted by Christians and those who don’t follow Jesus, and the one most likely to be read out at your funeral. We look at this Psalm because in it we see the peace, comfort, provision, affection and love that is offered to us in Jesus, as the God of heaven and earth becomes our Good Shepherd, and our gentle and ever-present Father in heaven.

Jesus and His Church

Preached on July 19, 2020
Bible Text: Matthew 16:13–23

Jesus came into the world to make us citizens of heaven, and as he accomplished this task he also established his church. In this sermon, we look at the relationship between his Kingdom, his people, and his church. We see what the church is, and what her purpose is here on earth.

The Prodigal Son

Preached on July 5, 2020
Bible Text: Luke 15:11-32

People often ask the question, ‘What is God like?’ And unless Jesus revealed him to us, we’d never get it right. In one sense, everything Jesus said and did was a revelation of who God is, yet sometimes he tells stories that highlight certain characteristics of God that challenge our preconceptions. This story in Luke 15 does that as Jesus displays God’s grace and mercy, in a way that will not only challenge our pre-conceptions but transform our lives as we see how that grace is also directed to us.