Bible Talks by Grant Borg

God Made Them Male and Female

Preached on May 24, 2020
Bible Text: Genesis 2:18–25

Our 21st Century society is so confused about gender and sexuality we no longer have a clear understanding of what it is to be male and female. Thanks to God he’s given us a timeless word for us to know our purpose and how to complement one another in marriage.

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Made To Be Like God

Preached on May 10, 2020
Bible Text: Genesis 1:26-31

In a society where people are taught that we evolved from chimpanzees, this passage of scripture speaks a powerful word – you did not come from a chimp, you were made in the image of God.

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In The Beginning God

Preached on May 3, 2020
Bible Text: Genesis 1

The first chapter of scripture is a powerful and fundamental platform for every person on the face of the planet. If ‘In the beginning God …’ then all things are from him, for him and to him. In this sermon we look at how knowing God through Jesus is the key to us finding our place in history, and as a result, find peace and hope from this point on and forever.

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He Is Risen – Resurrection Sunday

Preached on April 12, 2020
Bible Text: John 20:1–29

Jesus told his disciples that he’d rise from the dead, but they didn’t seem to believe it until this moment, Thomas being the last to see. Then, from the biggest critic comes the clearest confession of Jesus’ identity in scripture, ‘My Lord and my God’. The resurrection of Jesus brings us to see his true identity – he not simply Lord and God, but died and rose again so he could be my Lord, and my God. It’s our prayer this Easter Sunday that you would come to this same realisation.

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Gods Power Present In Jesus

Preached on April 5, 2020
Bible Text: John 18

The Apostle John has written this biography of Jesus so that we’d believe that he was the Saviour of the world and the divine Son of God. In this passage – Ch. 18 – John does this by showing us the raw power of Jesus, especially in contrast to the weakness of the men around him. We see why Jesus is worth trusting and why it was absolutely necessary that God’s Soon was the Saviour of the world.

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Inside Gods Heart

Preached on March 29, 2020
Bible Text: John 17

After spending all night with his disciples, Jesus now lifts his eyes and prays to his Father who is in heaven. In this passage, we get the privilege of hearing God the Son speak to his Father to hear what was on his heart just hours before his death. Although it shouldn’t surprise us, what we hear on Jesus’ lips is what is in his heart, and there we find his Father’s glory, his disciples, and us.

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From Grief To Joy

Preached on March 22, 2020
Bible Text: John 16:16-33

As Jesus prepares his disciples for his arrest and death, he comforts them with news of joy that will overcome their grief. In fact it will be a divine joy, anchored in Jesus, perfect for a world feeling shaken by anxiety and fear.

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Don’t Waste Your Life

Preached on March 8, 2020
Bible Text: John 15:1–17

Last week Jesus prepared his disciples for his death by reminding them that he’d be with them by his Spirit. This week Jesus warns them – and us – that a God-honouring life will only be reality for us if we continue to stay close to Jesus so that he continues to live through us.

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God’s Way To God

Preached on February 23, 2020
Bible Text: John 14:1–14

There are so many opinions, issues and causes in our community that try to win our attention, and among the voices is Jesus calling us to follow him. In a sense, every passage in the Bible is written to show us that following Jesus would be the best thing we could do, but in this incredible passage Jesus really shows us why that’s the case. It’s centred around who he is, and like the disciples we may not be as confident of this as we’d like to think.

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Betraying God

Preached on February 16, 2020
Bible Text: John 13:18-35

Last week we saw Jesus tell his disciples to put their faith into action by serving one another as Jesus served us. This week we see what it looks like to ignore that advice, and go your own way. This passage makes the decision to follow Jesus so clear, with Judas being an everlasting example of the consequence of ignoring Jesus’ words.

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