Easter Sunday is the day we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death, and the good news that we serve a living Lord who has brought life and immortality to light for all who trust in him.

We take a close look at the death of Jesus to find out why we remember this day as a 'Good Friday’.

The story of Genesis seems to be interrupted in Chapter 38 by this account of the life of Jacob’s 4th son Judah. But in the unfathomable sovereignty of God who continues to bring order out of chaos, the disaster of Chapter 38 becomes the key to God’s will to bless the world through him.

Jacob has been a liar since the time he was born, and we follow his footsteps here from the time he fled home to the time he returns. Although we see his lies catch up with him here, so does God, and in a demonstration of grace and mercy, God uses his trials to make him a new man.

The promises of God are made more concrete here as God reaffirms his promise of a son to be born to Abraham and Sarah in 12 months time. This is a massive blessing, seen even more clearly in light of God’s judgment of Sodom that comes straight after his promise of blessing to Abraham. Even for us, God’s blessing is seen most clearly in light of judgment, as we get what we don’t deserve because Jesus got what we deserved.

As we continue to follow Abram’s walk with God it reaches a high point in chapter 15. God comes close, Abram is reassured, he puts his trust in the promises of God and is justified by his faith. This moment in time becomes the cornerstone for all who would be justified by God by faith in the promise of the Promised One – which doesn’t put an end to sin in Abram’s life, but puts an end to sin separating him from his Father in heaven.

As we look at the promises God made to Abram here in Genesis 12, we soon realize that it’ll be God himself to carry through. Left to man, they would fail, but God in his grace works through our weakness and sin to set a foundation for the world to blessed by faith in the Promised One, our Lord, and Saviour Jesus.

What should we expect to see as we tell people about Jesus? Should we expect to see people converted? Should we expect rejection? In this prophetic parable, Jesus tells us what to expect as people come to hear his Word, and it all depends on how they listen.

The question of what we have to do to inherit eternal life could be the most important question anyone could think of, but it’s also deceptively misleading. Eternal life is a reality, but rather than focus on what we have to do, it’s far more important we recognize what God has done.

People have always asked the question, how can man relate to God? And although a number of ways are suggested, we see in the Bible only one that works. In this passage in Mark 7, Jesus takes us to the heart of the human problem and leads us to see the solution in him.

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