Bible Talks by David Jackson

An Introduction to Leviticus

Preached on September 15, 2012
Bible Text:

The Book of Leviticus is the first that Orthodox Jews teach their children. They do this to teach them about their uncleanness before God because of their sin. Leviticus explains how the Jews could approach a Holy God, a shadow of the work that Jesus would do upon the cross.

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Protecting the Unborn

Preached on July 18, 2009
Bible Text: Luke 1

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Preached on July 4, 2009
Bible Text: Romans 2:1-29

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Gift of Sex

Preached on June 26, 2009
Bible Text: Psalm 1

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The Young Unwise Friend

Preached on July 12, 2008
Bible Text: Job 26:1-14

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