Bible Talks by Dan Lee

The Privilege of the Human Species (Doctrine of Man)

Preached on May 12, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 8:1-9

Psalm 8 is one man (David) overflowing in praise to God. Here is one man being amazed at who God has made him to be. But even more amazing is the fact that in Jesus, there is one who is the perfect human Psalm 8 talks about

No Excuse

Preached on February 17, 2019
Bible Text: John 5:31-47

Jesus is on trial for making the massive claim that he is equal with God. In his defence, Jesus lays out three pieces of evidence and then masterfully turns it back on his hearers. In the end, people are left with no excuses!

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You What To Do!

Preached on January 13, 2019
Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

“Don’t let anyone tell you what to do”. That’s been one of the slogans of our modern Western culture. Behind it lies a quest for identity and a fight for freedom to discover that your identity is received - not achieved and that freedom the power to do what we ought.

Warning to the Rich

Preached on December 2, 2018
Bible Text: James 4:13 - 5:6

James continues his no-nonsense approach to the difference Jesus makes in the life of a believer. This time he specifically addresses those who make plans and use their wealth without God in the picture.

A Gospel That Transforms (AM)

Preached on October 14, 2018
Bible Text: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

We talk a lot about transformed lives. But what exactly are we talking about? Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians gives a wonderful picture of what a transformed life looks like in us and through us.

What God Will Be Able To Rescue You?

Preached on August 19, 2018
Bible Text: Daniel 3:1-30

Before Daniel 3 is about 3 men who survive a fire and live to tell the tale, it's about God. We learn that He is a real God (not a fake God), a God who saves, and a God committed to his glory rather than our comfort.

Mother’s Day

Preached on May 13, 2018
Bible Text: Luke 10:38-42

If there’s one thing we all are, it’s that we're busy. In Luke 10 we find the closest sermon Jesus gave to a sermon on busyness. This is a special Mother’s Day sermon where Teresa also reflects on this passage as a mother.