Bible Talks by Dan Lee

Hope For A Downcast Soul (Psalm 42)

Preached on August 30, 2020
Bible Text: Psalm 42

Whether it’s because we’re down, depressed, dry or feeling distant with God, here is a Psalm that we can all connect with. Along the way the Psalmist gives us three very practical lessons we can all learn from.

The God Who Promises

Preached on June 28, 2020
Bible Text: Genesis 12:1-5

Just as God spoke a certain word during the uncertain times of Abram, God speaks a word of certainty today. The promises he made to Abram in Genesis 12 are still being fulfilled today. What God promises, God does.

The Flood of Grace

Preached on June 14, 2020
Bible Text: Genesis 6-9

Is God on our side? Is He still committed to us? A look at sin, judgement and grace in light of Noah’s flood.

After Easter… What Next?

Preached on April 19, 2020
Bible Text: John 21:15-23

Jesus rose. So what? John writes one more chapter to answer that question. In Peter, we’ll see how Jesus not only offers forgiveness but also his invitation to follow.

Betrayed and Denied

Preached on February 16, 2020
Bible Text: John 13:18-35

Jesus has given a model of love. Now he gives a command to love. In the midst of a betrayal Jesus demonstrates his continuing love and the fact that he truly is in a class of his own.

Going Away Coming Home

Preached on December 8, 2019
Bible Text: Ruth 1:1-14

Is it worth following Jesus in the midst of life’s disappointments? Ruth 1 answers that question as we see God put flesh on his promises through one ordinary family who walks through the messiness of life.

Gospel Awareness

Preached on October 13, 2019
Bible Text: Acts 17:16-34

This is the third talk of a series on evangelism done at a 4pm church retreat. As Paul visits Athens in Acts 17, it is clear that he has gospel awareness. That one God who created all things, moves people around so that they would reach out for him. This same God also demands one response before we appear before one judge - the resurrected Jesus.

Husbands And Wives

Preached on September 8, 2019
Bible Text: Colossians 3:18-19

Colossians offers only two sentences on marriage but they are two crucial sentences - one for the husband, one for the wife. Even though broken marriages are part of living in a broken world, these two verses affirm God’s good gift of marriage.

Teach Us To Number Our Days (Death)

Preached on June 9, 2019
Bible Text: Psalm 90:1-17

There’s nothing more real than death. Thankfully the Bible gives us real answers to real questions from a real God as we live real lives. In Psalm 90, Moses makes three things abundantly clear: that humans are mortal compared to the eternal God; that towards sinful humans God is angry; and for insecure humans, God offers security.