Where there are people, there is conflict. As followers of Jesus we’re committed to resolving conflict in a healthy, God-honouring way. In our last Sunday meeting in the boxing ring, we look back and give thanks for all that God has done through our church.

The message of Jesus is both weird and welcoming. Today Pastor Dan Lee takes us to Acts 25-26 where Paul is further questioned and we learn why the gospel is both weird and welcoming.

This week Dan and Ray talk with Susan Boyley about how to use our finances for God's glory.

This week Rob and Dan discuss a range of things from godliness to the teachings of demons from 1 Timothy 4. Please send your questions to [email protected] We would love to answer them next week.

Truth matters in God's House. Today, Pastor Dan Lee takes us to 1 Timothy 4 and shows us that truth isn't just expressed with our words, but also through the lives we live.

Christ has died. Christ has risen. What next? Christ will come again. In particular, when Jesus returns, he will come to judge the living and the dead.

God’s commitment to one messy family will not and cannot stop his purposes. He is a God of not just amazing grace, but also scandalous grace.

Stephen was the first martyr. But he isn’t the last. In his dying words he issues a rousing wake up call to get on board with God's program.

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