Peter, James and John experienced a once in a lifetime event that they would remember for the rest of their lives. However, as memorable as it would have been, there is one key life lesson that applies to all of us

A healthy church is one where the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit is alive and well!

The apostle Paul was unlike the super apostles. For him it wasn’t just a matter of believing the truth but also acting in accordance with the truth. And unlike the super apostles, his boast was in his weaknesses rather than his strengths

None of us like being opposed or criticised when we take a stand for Jesus. And yet, Paul was no stranger to such opposition on a regular basis. In 2 Cor 10, he gives us a master class on how to respond.

From Tiredness to Thankfulness

Paul has clarity on the one thing that matters in life. This one thing will transcend both our current life and the life to come.

Resilience is a catch cry in our modern world. Paul is no stranger to tough times and persevering. Here, he outlines 7 ingredients for gospel resilience

Moses had a glorious ministry. But in the new covenant there is something even more glorious. In fact it's so glorious that it changes us in four wonderful ways

Of all the subjects Proverbs deals with, it offers us the most wisdom when it comes to our words. Specifically what words to say, when to say them and why we say them.

Proverbs gives us wisdom for wealth in this age, but Jesus gives wisdom for wealth into eternity

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