Who is Jesus? Jesus is God, he is the creator, he is the head of the Church, he is the greatest!

Christmas is a great time of joy! But it also reminds us life can be ordinary and fragile, but the great news of Christmas is that Jesus who is extraordinary came into the ordinary so that we can have peace and joy.

God is for His people by providing, being present and protecting them, let His people be thankful!

Jesus teaches us to pray "Our Father in Heaven". Followers of Jesus, like Jesus himself, pray to the Father knowing that he's close, he cares and he's in control. God the Father is relational, he cares about individuals, and he's also in Heaven, he's in control of everything. He loves it when we pray to Him as His children.

Bible Text: Luke 2:4-20 | Preacher: Ben Purdy | Series: Christmas 2019

Bible Text: Colossians 3:1-17 | Preacher: Ben Purdy | Series: Grounded In Christ

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