Conditions of entry

Acts 18 shows us so clearly that the Gospel goes out into the world through Gospel relationships. Today we will explore a number of these relationships and then see what we can apply as we continue partnering with God in His global mission.

All humans share at least one thing in common. Today, Pastor Ray Galea, takes us to Acts 17 as we see what that thing is that unites us.

Today, Pastor Ray Galea, takes us to Acts 16 where we see that the message of Jesus is for everyone.

There are conflicts and then there are CONFLICTS. Today, Pastor Ray Galea, takes us to Acts 15 where we see one area where there is no room for disagreement.

What should the church be actively doing? Pastor Ray Galea, takes us to Acts 13 as we get to look up close and personal at the mission of God and His church.

Where is God when everything seems stacked against us? Acts 12 is a story of God coming through and surprising the early church!

What is perhaps the second most significant event in salvation history? Today, Pastor Ray Galea takes us to Acts 10 and 11 and shows us.

Know someone that you think is too far gone? Think again. Today, Pastor Ray Galea begins our Celebration Series as we look at the worst of sinners being commissioned to take the message of Jesus to the world.

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