Knowing who to trust is really important. Will we trust in the God who is loving and faithful and willing to bless us, or trust in idols who are not able to do anything.

The New Testament quotes Psalm 110 again and again for good reason – you’ll be terrified and comforted by the King-Priest that you meet here. Your only response will be to live for Him.

God has summoned his people to worship him with joyful singing. God has also summoned his people to hear his Word and heed his warnings.

Since death comes to all it allows us to see that trusting and boasting in wealth has no future.

We are to urge ourselves to praise our God and Father for the many benefits that come from him.

Whether it’s because we’re down, depressed, dry or feeling distant with God, here is a Psalm that we can all connect with. Along the way the Psalmist gives us three very practical lessons we can all learn from.

Bible Text: Psalm 15 | Speaker: Rob Abboud | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | Jesus gives us entrance into God's house, and life in God's house is learning to live like Jesus.

Bible Text: Psalm 32 | Speaker: Ray Galea | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | The happy soul knows that sin leads to confession, confession leads to forgiveness, and forgiveness leads to joy.

Bible Text: Psalm 23 | Speaker: Ray Galea | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | Psalm 23 is one of the most well known parts of the Bible, often read at funerals. However it is a Psalm for the living not the dead. It speak of the personal, powerful and protective hand of God the Shepherd of our soul.

Bible Text: Psalm 13 | Speaker: Ray Galea | Series: Psalms: Refresh our Souls | 'To cry is human, but to lament is Christian'. In Psalm 13 we explore with David the need for every Christian to learn how to lament as well as praise our Lord.

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