Bible Text: Colossians 4:3-6 | Preacher: Ross Ciano | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Before we talk to them about God, we must first talk to God about them.’ Ross gives some very practical advice on making Christ known to those that don’t yet know him from Colossians 4:3-6.

Bible Text: Colossians 4:2 | Preacher: Dan Lee | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Does being devoted to prayer characterise your prayer life? Dan zeroes in on Colossians 4:2 and draws on Paul’s example to pray being watchful and thankful.

Bible Text: Colossians 3:20-4:1 | Preacher: Mark Boyley | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Know who your true Boss is at work/study and work for Him.

Bible Text: Colossians 3:20-4:1 | Preacher: Simon Manchester | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Whether we drive a truck, or you are in the office, you are ultimately serving the Lord.

Bible Text: Colossians 3:20-21 | Preacher: Mark McCrindle | Series: Fullness and Freedom | In a world where we are experiencing constant change how are we to parent the next generation? That is the question that Mark answers in this talk.

Bible Text: Colossians 3:18-20 | Preacher: Peter Lin | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Marriage can be like a big-mac. It looks great in the ads, but up close it can be less than desirable. Peter shows us how God designed marriage to work best, both the husband and for the wife.

Bible Text: Colossians 3:12-17 | Preacher: Chris Allan | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Chris reminds us who we are and how the call to be kind, gentle and patient works itself out in the very practical way of forgiving others. What a challenge!

Bible Text: Colossians 3:1-11 | Preacher: Ray Galea | Series: Fullness and Freedom | He is so heavenly minded that he did much earthly good. Set your hearts on the things above and put to death the earthly nature. The result is transformed communities.

Bible Text: Colossians 2:6-23 | Preacher: Mark Boyley | Series: Fullness and Freedom | Don't move on or be moved on from Christ and fullness in Him.

Bible Text: Colossians 1:24 - 2:5 | Preacher: Ray Galea | Series: Fullness and Freedom | There are the sufferings of Christ that every Christian is called to experience.
This occurs as the mystery of the gospel is being proclaimed.
The ultimate goal is to present each person mature in Christ.

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