Love is not an option for those who follow Jesus. Because we are called to follow in his footsteps as an expression of our relationship with him.

John wants his hearers to know that they truly are the real deal. He does this in 1 John 3:10-24 by spelling out what a genuine believer looks like; how to display genuine love, and how in the face of self-condemnation, one can have genuine confidence. 

When doubt settles in, when ministry gets hard, when you question, “Is living for Jesus worth it?”, how do we continue to live for Jesus?

John gives us three ways on how we can continue in Jesus.

Staying connected to Jesus gives us all we need for the life we long for. Confidence replaces shame. Intimacy with Jesus drives out sin. We find meaning and purpose for the life God designed us to live.

There are many things in life where it doesn’t really matter if you cut corners, skim the instructions or get it wrong here and there. But if there’s one thing you want to get right in life, it’s Jesus…. He’s the difference between life and death.

If you don’t want the Son, you don’t get the Father. John here seeks to clarify what it means for Jesus to be the Christ, and what the consequences are of rejecting or remaining in Him.

Don’t give in to the world that we have overcome in Christ.

How do we know if we know and love God? John tells us we know by living like Jesus did: Keeping God’s commands to love each other the way Jesus loved us.

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