11 / Louise Gosbell / An Inclusive Church

Jul 28, 2020

Bible Text: Louise Gosbell / An Inclusive Church | In Western countries, people are living longer and spending more years of their life with an age-related disability like hearing or vision loss. The average person in a Western country will actually spend between 8-20 years of their life with some kind of disability. But despite that, disability is still treated like a marginal issue and not something that impacts everyone. Churches are no different which is why Louise Gosbell has become so passionate about this issue after being impacted by this in a personal way many years ago.

Jesus Club - https://www.jesusclub.org.au
Louise’s own family story: https://www.eternitynews.com.au/australia/church-online-has-been-great-for-our-daughter-with-special-needs/

The parable of the great banquet and the church
Disability and the Body of Christ

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