What do we do when everything goes wrong? Today, Pastor Mark Boyley takes us to the book of Job and answers the question: Can we trust God when we are suffering and don't understand why?

Bible Text: Job 1 | Preacher: Ray Galea | If anyone has shown that you can be blessed and blameless – it’s Job.
If anyone can prove that you can be innocent and experience suffering – it’s Job.
If anyone can demonstrate that suffering is a compliment from God and not a curse. It’s.. who? Yes... Job.
You guessed it... we are looking at what God has to teach us from Job.

Preacher: James Galea | How do you respond when people are in pain and suffering? What do you say or not say to people who are grieving? James takes use through the book of Job to see how Job's wife, mates and extended relatives respond to Job in his darkest hour.

Bible Text: Job 26:1-14 | Preacher: David Jackson

Bible Text: Job 4:1-21 | Preacher: Ray Galea

Bible Text: Job 2:1-13 | Preacher: Ray Galea

Bible Text: Job 1:1-22 | Preacher: Ray Galea

Bible Text: Job 38:1-41 | Preacher: Ray Galea | Series: The Character of God

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