The exalted God of all has come close to us in Jesus – therefore church is incredibly significant.

These chapters describe Israel at it's worst, and Moses at his best. But even Moses at his best doesn't compare to a God who takes the sin of idolatry so seriously and forgives sin so generously

When Israel lose sight of God, they quickly turn to idolatry and their downfall. God shows here how getting him right is the path to life.

Israel were invited to see God and given a way for that to happen. We have also been invited into His presence for eternity through Jesus Christ.

God saves and transforms the community of His people through this new way of doing life.

God is for His people by providing, being present and protecting them, let His people be thankful!

Israel’s Passover reminds us to keep remembering afresh our utter dependance upon the blood of Jesus for salvation.

Be thankful that God is Lord and uses His authoritative power to rescue you.

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