Bible Talks from Deuteronomy

Kidswise Training Day

Preached on March 6, 2015
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Bible Text: Deuteronomy 6

It’s For The Kids… by Gary Millar (Principal of Queensland Theological College)
Deuteronomy 6
How does God view children and how does this shape the way set up our kid’s ministry?

What’s The Big Idea? by Fiona Millar
Unpacking God’s truth for children begins with finding the big idea, then capturing that big idea in a short phrase kids can understand and hang onto.

The Proud Heart

Preached on August 11, 2012
Bible Text:

Pride is the mother of sin. Whatever sin you battle with, whether is be gossip, pornography or greed, keep tracking back and you'll find that it comes from pride. Pride is toxic and it will stop you from coming and depending on Jesus.

Love the Lord with all Your Heart

Preached on August 4, 2012
Bible Text: Deuteronomy 6:1-12

There is no question that Christians love God, but do we love him with everything? Or do we share the love that he deserves with something else. Its not that we love him, but that he first loved us.